Is 3S gonna be at EVO and/or SBO next year?

This is obviously pure speculation, but what do people think the chances are of 3S showing up at the big tournies again next year, what with the release of 3SO? It seems like there’s some hype building for the game again, now that it’ll be out on a widely accessible platform. I’d certainly rather watch 3S at EVO instead of having to sit through bloody Tekken matches on the live stream…

it’s a little early to say, champ.

and you don’t actually have to sit through anything.

This year was the last year for Tekken 6: BR. Tekken Tag 2 will take its place next year. And the 5v5 demo for TTT2 was pretty hype. So I’m excited about that.
And there is no doubt 3S will be back next year at EVO.

Has there been any sort of actual announcement of this? It would certainly make sense, but one never knows…

Yes, yes! of course it is :wonder:

There’s no official news yet, but it’d be strange if OE isn’t at Evo next year, unless Capcom just wants to piss all that money away and NOT have it be featured in the biggest tourney in America.

evo is america and tougeki is japan (who would have thought !)
two complete different situations / scenarios so let’s dont mix things up,yes?

in japan,they don’t really give a damn about OnlineEdition (and rightly so),
so the release of OE has nothing to do with the game showing up again @ tougeki
but it might mean something for evo (aka if capcom forces them to put it in the lineup)
if capcom doesn’t care about promoting the game so far in the future,fat chance
doesn’t seem too likely though because OE is coming up in a month and next evo is…er…around this time next year
they will probably want to promote sf vs tekken vs mk vs sf iv ae rev 3 and vampire
new,shiny,full-priced,dumbed down games
this is how i see it

i can’t believe third strike won’t be @ tougeki in september,though
i had faith in mr matsuda :
i mean…i could understand if they said "from now on,we just want to feature recent games"
but paleolithic IIX is in it so it doesn’t make sense at all
i love IIX eh but christ…
people have been speculating about a tougeki part 2 for virtua and 3rd and other neglected games
but haven’t heard a thing so far…hopefully they will announce it after tougeki part 1 ?

this is going to be the first tougeki tournament without third strike…pagan gods are weeping

I seriously doubt Tag 2 will be out on console next year. SC5 is coming first, and that’s first half of next year. I don’t think Namco will cannibalize SC sales, they’ll wait until 2nd half of the year to put Tag 2 out.

As for 3S, it won’t be popular, because very few new players will stick with it. If people complain about AE’s imbalance, 3S is worse, it’s an older game, and doesn’t have a lot of popular characters. The only way 3S could have had a serious lifespan was if they had rebalanced the game.

Also, on top of that, competition is fierce for spots: KOFXIII, SF vs Tekken, Skullgirls could all claim spots next year, and SC5 will get a spot.

Evo could and likely will add a 6th game, and Capcom favoritism may rear its ugly head- but the only games I can see dumped are Tekken (for Soul) and MK. That’s a bunch of games for 2 remaining spots.

terrible post
you are probably in the wrong section ?

lol I’m surprised people are so convinced Evo will have 3s next year.

Not even the sickest fucking re release ever changes that 3s is nearly 12 years old. I dunno I just don’t see it happening.

But a lot of little birdies are chirping and their message is…

“chirpity chirp ~ the next tougeki event will have 3s ~ chirpy chirp”

Will you believe the birdies? Would you believe them if they were cicadas???

evo hates 3S and any involvement it has with 3S is done in spite.

Tag 2 wont be out on console by EVO next year. So if this is T6’s last year, then the only Tekken you’ll see next year is in SFxT.

Wasn’t there a huge thing with EVO and SC4?

Let’s push to get Frogger at Evo.

Did you guys know that there are three games titled Frogger 2, but there’s no Frogger 3? I think that’s the biggest injustice of all.

Best chance is they give 3S one more shot for kicks but don’t expect 3S to get anymore than one more year if that. The best 3S will probably get unless a miracle happens is regular representation at majors outside of Evo.

It’s just one of those questions that time will naturally answer.

Bring at least 10 or more Japanese 3S players to build the hype. Otherwise, we would see another American Chunfests again, that bring nothing in order to make community stronger. American audience only know about top tier users like Daigo, KO or Nuki in past EVOs. They should watch RX, TM, Hayao, Sugiyama, Boss, Roshihikari, Kokujin, Pierrot, Kuroda, Thanatos, Vanao and Genki in action.

Even if 3S come back to EVO, no one wanna watch top 8 full of Chun again :slight_smile:

Frogger is really in dire need of a rebalance. I don’t see the point of having it at Evo until they can fix the obvious imbalances. I don’t want to see the top 4 all using frogger. Someone should mix it up with Q-Bert or something you know?

Wait what then what was that entire little promo part with tt2 where he asked when people wanted to see the game finished, end of this year or next year. Obviously everyone said end of this year.

Given the response to 3S that I saw during the invitational, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t hold 3S at EVO again. I mean, sure, something may change, but the crowd was obviously dead during the exhibition. And sure, half of them didn’t know what was going on and were probably just saving seats in wait of Marvel. But judging at this point? Probably not.

but nowadays the majority of people are sheep
mk @ evo ? then they will play mk,doesn’t matter if the game’s passable or embarassing
same with mvc3 or ae
those people complain about 3rd strike (chun,yun,ken,etc) but they have absolutely no problem with ae yun or dark phoenix
they obviously don’t know anything about third strike but they heard chun is to good and that the game’s not “balanced” (again,i hate that word)
but because people nowadays play ae,mk or marvel…they will play those games
they don’t really love a game like we do with third strike or other older ones
they just play the current “cool” game until the next one
the cool game usually only lasts for 6 months / 1 year
let’s get hype for sf vs tekken @ evo 2012 !

I agree with those sentiments. All the new games are about flash and flare. So when a good game, one that requires actual brains to play, is on screen, the majority of the fans get bored because they’re not seeing flashing lights and pretty combos, and nothing regarding smart play. It’s fucking braindead.