Is 3soe better now?

Dear all

I have a quick question hope someone can help me out. I bought 3soe and a new ps3 back when it first came out, it was such failure with just 1/100 green ping. THe lobby was also a mess, can’t choose good ping to play with and not many players.

I have heard good things on XBL compared to PSN. Is it true that it has more eastern players and less lag? Did they fix the lobby so I can play with green and yellow ping only?

Please advise, thank you everybody!

Honestly I’ve seen people who swear that 3SOE is better on XBLA and yet they still prefer GGPO for playing 3S online. Take that for what it’s worth.

On PSN, no.

Slightly better experience on XBLA, but that’s not saying much.


We understand bro, we all want it to be better, but it just won’t be. It just won’t. God damn it all.


Damn, I was sure I’d get a like for that. You people are harsh!

It’s showing a hotlink image instead of what you wanted to post.

Wow, you’re right. That’s kind of funny because it worked when I posted it. Fixed now, I hope?

I never had a problem with the online to begin with. I actually think it is one of the best online in any game!

Wasn’t worth the wait for sure.

There we go. And fuck that picture, I’ve seen it one time too many when I was a kid… >:(

I just came off of PSN because my Xbox was being used. Fucking horrible. Sucky players in general and even suckier connection. My inbox is spammed by some idiot who I beat 9 in a row, and then he won (took him ages), while I was doing something else. He stopped the messages when I said “Hey, this game has direct YouTube upload, and I have a recorder”.

Xbox isn’t great, but it’s playable and the randoms are actually decent.