Is $550 too much for a capcom impress cabinet?

i’m sure it will come with wiring and everything but no games. I plan to put an xbox or a ps2 in there. so what do you think, good price? if not how much would be good?

i dont think so…you could a buy one alot cheaper iclude the game on ebay or else…and i agree with TSC, dont put console in it…

If the price included shipping then yes it would be a good deal…even in the US.

Although I guess because Capcom Impress cabinets are so hard to find here I am biased and would not hesitate to spend $550US plus shipping for one if it was within Au.

But yeah…putting a console in a cabinet defeats the purpose of buying one in the first place. Just by a JP PS2 with two Hori RAP’s if you are going to use a console.

yes $550 and i have to pick it up. It’s not too far away. I want to put a console in it because i don’t want to keep buying SF3s everytime the board fries (battery issue). Unless you have a different solution?

Swap out the battery every four years and you should be fine.

IIRC only capcom can swap the battery for you after you send the board in.

nope. you can swap the battery out. recommended 2 people do it. only way to do it is remove the casing on the dongle cart, plug it in, and power up the board. and you swap the battery out while the board is on. only way you can do it. if you do it while the power is off, the cart will lose the encryption data when you disconnect the battery since no power is keeping the encryption alive anymore. if the cart already commited suicide tho, theres no way to bring it back without the help of capcom. and if its a us set, youre fucked, cuz capcom usa coin op division is defunct. and if you got jpn version, you can only send it to capcom japan. i know theres some places that will actually swap the batteries for a price tho…

Thanks to this thread i might buy the Impress Cabinet just for SFIII Third strike. Now i know i should just buy the Japanese version of it just incase something goes wrong. Is there 2 versions of the japanese 3s also, if so which one is played at compitions like SBO and such?
How do i know when to switch the battery? what kind of battery do i need? How long do they usually last?

F*ck the battery completely…

The battery issue is overrated. The batteries in CPS2/3 boards are designed to last fo rup to 4-5 years without the game ever being used. If you play the game regulary, like once a week plus take very good care of the CPS3 motherboard you should be fine.

I know people who have owned 3rd Strike since 2000 and have never has a problem with their boards. It’s only those who dont treat their boards with care and leave them in situations where they can be damaged who suffer.

I myself am more concerned with CPS2 boards, they are alot older.

kinda depends on how good of shape it is, but don’t hope for it to be perfect, also if it comes jamma ready and the person your buying it from lives within driving distance I would deffinetly go for it. I’ve been using a supergun for toooo long and I need to get a candy.

O and please do not turn it into a MAME machine, I hate when people do that. barf

except the cps2 batteries are really easy to change, and you can also PM Razoola to make them suicide free. :tup: (Oops wrong forum, he might be on here tho) >>>> (when it comes to these type of questions)- that was for Aktham

go there instead

haha…i hate it when people turn their machine into a Mame machine too…when i was searching on the net for how to make a real arcade machine…all it gave me is full of those Mame arcade tutorials…it pissed me off…

I already know about Razoola…I am a member on as well.

$550 is hella overated for an old ass cabinet. I can get a brand new korean cabinet with all the wiring and powersupply and flat screen 29 inch high res monitor for that price. HELLA overated, especially since shipping isn’t included either. I wouldn’t buy it unless you’re just a die hard capcom fanatic or something. This is just my honest $0.02

any more ideas?
Will this cabinet fit in 4 door chevy blazer (back seats can be laid down making it the whole inside flat)? The place is about 7 hours away and i have no idea what the cabinet looks like. i was just referred to the owner of the game shop (by an SRKer)and he has no pics anything of that sort.

That doesn’t include shipping to the US does it? Anyway I’m sure people don’t want high res monitors for their CPS2 games.

I have 2 Capcom Impress cabinets aswell as numerous others.

I have over 19 cabinets at the moment :wow: all japanese cabs

IMVHO a for $550 US the Impress is a good price

Daaaang, I knew you had quite a few cabs…but 19 :wow:

hopefully getting another naomi cab next week.

of couse, these cabs all have prices on them too with the exception of the Megalo 2 and the MiniCute, anyone in the UK need a cab ? ? ?