Is $550 too much for a capcom impress cabinet?

Nice cabinets you got there…really nice.

Thanks to RLaidEPeas for getting me in contact with the guy. I had to drive 7 hours over there to just look at it and to my surprise it was very very clean. he put a lot of games in there to show me that everything works fine. and offered me a list of games but i wasn’t interested in any to be honest. Luckly the cab fit in my car it was a tight fit. and i basically drove for 14-15 hours straight and spent over $120 in gas. My only complaint is that the control panel didn’t have sanwa parts and the second stick was really loose. I got the coin machine taking quarters and a kick harness for capcom CPS2&3 games with the JAMMA connector. He hooked up SFIII NG and explain how everything works on CPS3 and how to connect everything (except he didn’t know about the battery issue). I’ll post pics as soon as i can. Give me ideas of what to do with the cab now. Should i put a game in it and put in a store to earn some of my money back? lol

you certainly made a nice choice in cabinet.

be sure to show us some pics of it bud :tup:

I hate to be jealous of you Mr. Megalo, but I am. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m living in an apartment and paying for my grad school right now, I’d get a couple of arcade cabinets too. I love what you did with MVC2 and SF3:3S. One question for you what game is in your Megalo 2 cabinet? I would like to have a dream game room someday when I move to a house.

3rd Strike is in my Megalo 2 on JAMMA slot 1.

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In the last pic these are some cables i found inside the cabinet i don’t know what they’re for. What if i wanted to buy a new panel that has sanwa parts, will it be easy to switch and where can i buy it?
As you can see i don’t have any games right now. I have no idea where to start if i wanted to hook up my ps2 in there or how to make it a mame machine, (this is only for now since i don’t have much cash and 3rd strike is very expensive). Where can i find cheap games/kits that are good and in good condition other than coinopexpress?

Thanks again for your help guys :tup:

I hate you Mr-Megalo. Every time you post up pictures it makes me drool :slight_smile: If I am ever in the UK I am coming over to your place to see all your crazy shit.

the cables you show in the last picture are for Naomi

with the 2 smaller connectors attached to japanese Naomi motherboard - you can use dreacast controllers for games like SFZ3^ and japnese MvC2.

thats a nice cab ya got there - in nice condition too :tup:
i personally wouldn’t replace the control panel, the sticks are seimitsus and it has the DC controller option, if oyu did want a replacement panel, RiverService can help.