Is a 6 button layout on a stick viable?

I’m looking into the Hori Fighting Stick V3 as a way to get me started into fighting games and reviews suggested it’s a solid, affordable stick for those who are rookies looking to get started in fighting games not perfect by any stretch just a nice way to get started, I’m also not a guy who makes a lot of money so I believe this would be perfect for me until I can get more money and get a more better one. I’m a huge fan of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Hd Ver and I believe that a fighting stick will help me pull of moves easier, especially moves like the time stop with I have a lot of trouble pulling off with the controller.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that the stick only has a 6 button layout, not having L1 and L2 buttons with the rest with the buttons. Is this going to put me at a disadvantage in fighting games? Will I flat out not be able to play some fighting games out there because of the lack of the L1 and L2? I like to play games like SSFIVAE, Blazblue, Persona 4 Arena, Tekken Tag 2, UMvC3, GGAC+ and many others, I’m also planning on getting MK9 and Injustice. <- The layout for anyone curious.

I heard the stick isn’t easy to mod, which is fine by me as I have no interest nor knowledge about modding sticks.

Thanks in advance.

Six buttons are not only viable, but many of us prefer it over 8. I personally hate 8 button sticks.

That stick sucks pretty bad. I’d avoid it.

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Really? Didn’t think people would prefer 6 over 8, so I guess I’m cool then?

I’m aware that the stick won’t be anywhere near the quality of the more expensive sticks but on my budget it’ll make due until I feel confident enough to spend money on a more expensive stick.

I would look for a brawl stick instead. You can at least swap out the parts with arcade ones later if you want.

I canceled my order on Play Asia and they were surprisingly willing to give me a full refund, had a panic attack thinking they wouldn’t be able to refund me but it’s happening luckily.

I’m going to be trying to get my hands on a Qanba Real Arcade Fightingstick Q4.

It makes sense to assign your fingers to two rows of three buttons rather then two rows of four. When you get into more advance techniques(plinking, double tapping). It’ll really be helpful for you to be able to know where you fingers are at. If you ever noticed in tournament play, a lot of players turn the last button on each row to (no function).

A lot prefer 6 over 8. I took the extra buttons OFF of my TE so I don’t accidentally start at the wrong hand position. All of my 8-button sticks have been modified for 6. I hate 8 button sticks, almost to the point where I refuse to play on them. If it’s all that exists, I deal with it… But I wont enjoy it.

I did the same on my TE! Took them out. I believe they added that feature lately. Arcades also had the 6 button layout.

sometimes 8 buttons make sense, there are other games then fighting games on the xbox I play with a stick. Another example, with a “PPP” button you can plink the “PPP”, an example are blankas 1 frame ultra combos.

What games would that be out of curiosity?

Yeah, I don’t even use the 7th and 8th buttons on my TE, either. Not necessary.

I think he mentioned it… 1 button ultras instead of 3-button ultras.

I wonder what he meant by “there are other games then fighting games on the xbox I play with a stick”…

I set the fourth button on the bottom row of my stick too PPP so that I could Plink Dee Jay’s dash U2.

Blanka can link his ultra from (I’m pretty shore it’s a one-framer). So if someone were to set there button configuration like above, they could use hk to plink the ultra.

I would avoid Qanbas like the plague. Terrible sticks and they feel laggy.

They use sanwa parts. If they were laggy, we’d have evidence of it by now.

For something cheaper, you can get the cross tekken for about 100 shipped. No need to worry about a dual mod set up.

When I first started playing stick I felt at a disadvantage without the 7th and 8th buttons for 1-button ultras in SF4. But I’ve grown to prefer manually pressing PPP or KKK. Your 7th and 8th buttons are farther to the left RIGHT (I’m really tired this morning, wow), you kind of hit them with your pinky or whatever. It’s all preference, but for me I’m glad I learned to just hit PPP/KKK.

Btw, the HFS VX/V3 really do not “suck.” Of course you’re not getting real arcade parts, true. If you can afford better, of course you should buy a better stick. But this is probably the best non-real arcade parts stick you can get. I remember some really horrible peripherals sold in the past but the new VX/V3s are surprisingly decent. And they are upgradeable–you just have to do a bit of soldering. It’s a 60-70 dollar stick that will be more than acceptable for new players, and with a bit of work and just the small cost for a JLF and six Sanwa buttons, you’ve got a great stick.

Didn’t someone from tech talk test after the SRK review and decide that the PCBs were laggy? It wouldn’t surprise me if they were.

They’ve been tested, and AFAIK the parts are knockoffs. They certainly feel cheap.