Is a break a good idea?


I started getting into fighters earlier this year and I had a lot of fun. I picked my main as abel and practiced as him here and there online. I still have no clue about things like safe jumps, option selects, crouch techs or anything like that but I know a few of his basic combos (like>c.hp>CoD H) and I noticed some definite improvement from when I started. I feel like I’ve plateaued though. I am on an awful losing streak against opponents that are just embarrassing to lose to (lost to 6 shotos in a row this morning whose primary combo was to and mash srk)

It’s getting really frustrating and I’m not improving. I went from 900-1000 PP down to 500 over the last week and I’m struggling to break into the 5k BP for b-rank. Would taking a month long break be a good idea to improve? Has it worked for anybody else?


The netcode isn’t good enough to take the online matches seriously.

I haven’t seen much of that play style on XBL Endless since AE was released. You should really stop playing Ranked.


Sounds like you had a bad day is all. I wouldn’t recommend shelving the game for a month. You may lose interest in it completely if you do that. Besides you only get better the more you play, I don’t see how taking a hiatus would improve anything. I suggest if you lose lets say four games in a row on ranked it’s probably best to stop and head to endless were you can play some no risk matches.


Instead of taking a break, why not check out the regional match making forum for some local casuals or tournaments?


If your stressed out by the game take a break, it’s suppose to be fun entertainment. If you hate it enough just trade it in, Tekken Tag 2 is sometime this August.

Thing is everybody gets better over time except for some people who get stuck somewhere. If you stop playing everyone else will simply get better at their own pace. Keep in mind before SF4 Capcom fighting games was basically at a freeze for some time. Sure some people got great fast but basically now your getting average Joes getting much better also. Just play the game or if you care to get good get someone better to teach you.

I hate lag also, but going about looking for an arcade is kinda a waste of time. You could try and make a dedicated gaming cult for offline play but not worth it, just seems weird. Besides, don’t you have better things to do?


Taking a break allows you to do things other than videogames, so you can be more productive. Its always a good thing lol.


Breaks have helped me many times in the past. When I start to feel bogged down, I brush aside the FG scene for maybe a week or two. It gives me a chance to clear my brain and approach fighting games with a refreshed mentality.

Taking short breaks personally improves my performance and boosts my enjoyment of the scene overall.


Thanks for the replies guys!

  1. Regarding lag, I haven’t found it that much of a problem. I’m not at a level where I’m doing tight links or anything anyways, so I’m not blaming it on that.

  2. As for being productive, let me clarify I’m not forsaking responsibilities. That’s just silly, lol! I only actually play 10-15 hours a week and that’s because I’m a college student with no class in the summer and I only work part time so there isn’t much else to do. I hardly hang out with my friends anymore simply because our schedules between school and work rarely mix (I work weekends, they don’t)

  3. I haven’t taken FGs too seriously, yet. I would very much like to get better and maybe even enter local tournaments. Problem is, there are none here. I’d be stoked to find some local competition so I can have a sparring partner/rival to help me level up my game, but Michigan sucks for that.

  4. I don’t actually hate the game or anything. I still love it and I have loads of fun when I can get a good random select lobby going (usually takes a bit of cycling through people who read the lobby name and actually random but it’s so cool when it works)

I think I’m stuck between “complete casual” and “enthusiast”… I don’t really “train” in training mode, I don’t have a sparring partner… I just log in and do games in ranked mode. I have tried to practice abels CoD FADC combo with CoD>FADC>cr.hp>FoS/ultra but the dummy usually blocks. I suck at execution…


On one hand you’re upset that you’re losing and not improving.
On the other hand you’re not at a serious level, your execution is ass, and you have fun doing random select lobbies.

Which is it? Do you have fun winning or do you have fun playing around?

If you have more fun winning then get out there and do it, train up, step your game up, and start stomping fools.
If you really don’t care about winning then you shouldn’t be this upset about losing and not improving.


Winning and having fun are not and should not be mutually exclusive


And I never said anything that implies the opposite.

Come up with another reason to invalidate and ignore my input on the matter.


sorry, I just tend to not take trolls seriously :stuck_out_tongue:


I just lost about 35 straight games trying to learn some Evil Ryu stuff. You lost a few points and you wanna take a break for a month? Although banging your head against a good player for two hours is not always the best way to improve, I did pick up on a few things here and there that were match up specific.

I decided to switch to Yun to intimidate the player because playing Yun means you automatically win nowadays right? Nah. I almost took a few games but ultimately lost majority of them, too, down to the wire. Some rounds I dominated with Yun whereas I couldn’t start up the offense as fluidly, yet I still lost in the long run. Am I determined? Yes. Are you?

But yeah, if you feel like you’re in a slump, just take a break. A few hours, a day, a week, a month, whatever. Everyone has “off” days. I considered today to be one of them. I don’t believe taking a long break from it is gonna make you any better than you were before. It’s more of a mental factor for myself.

Since you just started playing recently, it’s not like you have learned more. Reading these forums for tips and advice can only take you so far.


I find taking a break for a few days/week helps to break certain habits you may have developed if you’re playing daily like 3 or so hours - so in that sense its good. It also helps your mind wrap around the concepts you’ve developed in that time. Thing is you’re a self professed starter whose taking this sorta serious not so serious? I’m sure it’d be nice to take a break, but there’s actually still a whole lotta stuff you’d have to learn before its even relevant. Like blocking apparently.

Sucks to hear there’s no scene there tho, I despise the whole mentor-pupil thing that’s been going around, but there really isn’t a better way to learn…anything really, then someone sitting you down and showing you the ropes.




Just take a few days off. Not a month, lol - you’d get horribly rusty. Whenever I find out I’m plain predictable and do foolish mistakes (ultimately becoming the flowchart of fail, i.e. “free points”), I stop playing for a day or two. I break the loop and my mindgames/strategy/general game plan come back.


I often take time off from fighters


^^that may be the root of some of your frustration. the more educated you are about your character/the game, the easier things will start to become for you. I’m no where near top tier for my character and I still have alot to learn as I just started playing fighers "seriously’ within the last year as well. but to break the “plateau” you speak of, is to educate yourself.

gotta not be lazy and get your nose in the technical aspects of the game. i take breaks when I start to feel overwhelmed or frustrated usually for a couple days, but in that time, I make it a goal to read something or watch something pertaining to SF…you said theres so much you dont know, go learn it. . not knowing something basic like crouch teching is just asking for saltiness…theres no reason “people that spam srk” should be beating you consistently. bait that shit. get smarter. study the fundamentals. make the dedication to yourself to break your habits and level up or you will always face frustration when you play…definitely online.


Taking a break can be a good thing but it really depends on the reason you want to do so. If you feel you have hit a plateau and can’t really put your finger on what the problem is, you might want to take a step back by either playing some characters/games you play for fun or going on a short hiatus altogether. By taking a more “ragequit” type of approach (aka screw-this-ima-play-hello-kitty-island-adventure-oh-miss-the-game-back-to-FG’s), though, you aren’t really taking a break to contribute to your improvement. You are taking time off from the game solely based on frustration without taking a look at the bigger picture you’ve set for yourself. We all have a big picture for what we want to get out of the games we play. Some want to be pro, others just want to have fun with their friends. After playing FG’s for several months now you should know what you want to get out of them.

Try thinking about why you want to take a break, what you hope this will do for you and whether or not it is a realistic expectation. If you’re hoping you will be winning more after a break just because you did so, is not realistic. Gaining a fresh perspective on the game and why you play them, is realistic.