Is a community coalescing around this game?

I really love this game and want to see it succeed long-term. Seeing it at Evo is great. I’m just wondering if pure game design like TvC can compete in an environment where SSF4 (selectable ultras wtf?) and other 2d fighters overly complicated for their own good (GGXX:AC) reign supreme. And what can we do to get this game more exposure? I’ve gotten my friends to go out and buy it based on positive matches we’ve had, and have had small tournaments too.

Hard to say I’d think, since there haven’t been any big tourneys yet to show if there’s a big scene of players. I know about 4 guys, other then myself, that are taking TvC seriously here in Flint (5 total is actually a big number here, lol), and a couple others that are looking to get into it, but I haven’t been down to Ann Arbor or Detroit to see if any sizable community has formed around TvC here in Michigan. I haven’t seen all that much buzz on the forums either, so I guess it depends if the Smash kids have gotten bored enough of MetaKnight to give another competitive Wii game a go.

All in all, I think it’s too soon to say. I’m hopeful though, probably naively so, considering that CGoH didn’t blow up, and that SSF4 is so near.

Seems like my scene is dying. The same 3 guys that played the first seriously in my community are the same 3 playing now… seems like everyone else saw the game, bitched about how the game is an uphill battle after you get hit and all about meter management and getting raped by Zero and dropped the idea.

I wish I knew how to get more people involved but it seems like there’s a big attitude of “more complicated = better” when I feel there’s plenty of depth in these games without taking the fun out of it. People are just used to one type of game and think THIS IS THE BEST without giving TVCs approach a shot.

I’ll stick around though, I love the game and have fun playing it.

I’m actually trying to get more people into the game myself. I know there’s a podcast that was recently posted on the front page that gives pointers on that, so I might check it out. If you haven’t you might want to as well.

Jesus Christ, it’s not THAT hard to beat Zero…

Ironic that it’s the morons that love complexity. “You mean this game doesn’t take years to master? Fuck this kiddy shit!”

Good man! :woot: I love the game as well, and I really hope it gets a strong backing behind it so that we don’t have to wait another 10+ years for Capcom to make another Vs. Title.

Some Smash players say this game IS too complex for them. It really is a fun game, but the major reason why I plan to stick with this one is cause it’s fairly balanced. Everyone is viable in this game.

I don’t think it will ever hit MvC2 status, but I hope that the community for it picks up. There are only about 6 or 7 players in my area and a few of those guys hardly take it seriously.

I won’t quit it, though. I love this damn game.

Wiimote users almost made me drop the game. But i do love playing it. It’s a great game really.

Short answer, there are people who play this game, but we’re a little bit disparate. There aren’t very many places that have a local scene with more than a couple people.

Is that “smash kids” and MetaKnight comment a stab at me?! I play Diddy Kong son! I’ll take you any time, anywhere.

Pretty much what he said though in regards to the game. It seems like newcomers are extremely put off by the whole combo system when it doesn’t take that long to learn so I’m afraid that the community we got may be the community we’ll be stuck with.

I would say this game needs 2 things to completly succeed:

1.- And Arcade release (will never happen).
2.- Get the game in big consoles, so people can’t bitch about online quality.

Both things seem impossible by now, so the best we TvC players can do is stick to the game, get its potential to the limit, get a nice EVO tourney this year (I hate being in Chile :crybaby:) and hope Capcom makes a sequel.

No. I’m counting you in with the 5 taking it seriously. And the “Smash kids” is just for any Wii owner not savvy on the Street Fighter scene.

And you may have my number in Smash, but I got you in any Street Fighter (except maybe A3).

No one plays it here =/
I wish its online were good.

Arcade release has been pretty irrelevant stateside for the better part of a decade, dude :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think the console is necessarily as big an issue as the fact the game isn’t SF4. Ever since SF4 came out, practically no other game has had more than a handful of people at any tournaments around here. Tatsunoko is just in the same company with 3s, HDR, OG TvC, BlazBlue, and other old fighters around here of the “Not Street Fighter IV” club. So as far as I know local tourneys haven’t had big TvC crowds going.

I’d say there’s a good national/global community. The game IS a lot of fun.

But an arcade release would really really help, especially for an SBO run.