Is a giant arcade stick stand legal for EVO next year?

Reason I ask, is that I am interested in bringing a Cigarbob 40 x 40 arcade cabinet with interchangeable panels next year. IN the tournaments, I would play on one side, and have only that portion of it near the TV in question so any other player that brought their stick would still have full vision and room.

My question is, would that be an issue for next year? It seems to be the only way a few of my friends and I would be able to play console 100%, and for someone like Jabari, it is necessary for him to even do moves apparently. My question is, would this be an issue for the EVO staff, and/or would it bother any of the EVO attendees?

Shit, I’d probably ask to use it myself.

I think the only ‘issue’ you’d run into is getting it there. Duno how easily it breaks down/assembles but that’s fairly massive lol. Cool as hell though, no doubt.

It would be sick if this was standard for evo :karate:.

Jason bought the cabinet! As long as you can move the cab pretty easily around the place I wouldn’t mind. I mean it is a stick that you personally would be using for the tournament right?

It should be allowed.

Hell all of Evo should be like this. The closest way to being like the arcade.

All I really have to do it put it in a mini-van, and two people can carry it pretty easily. It’s not as heavy as I thought it was going to be. I think that might be the problem, though. EVERYONE might want to use the cabinet, and it would not be fair to those that brought their own sticks is what some might be thinking.

Tough shit for them. If they want to purchase their own CigarBob cabs they can do so and play on them. Or if they have the luck/misfortune of facing you in the tournament they can play on the cab. It’s YOUR control so fuck them!

I don’t see any problems with this at all.

While DreamTR might only want himself to use his cab, there are IIRC 4 people (as of now) with similar cabs, and there’s no telling who they would let use it and for what games, especially once people see it and start making offers. Then people are going to be wheeling their japanese cabs around for daigo too. I’m not sure i like how this would play out.

I agree it is a shame that people are still in this limbo between console and arcade controls, but I have a little hope there’s a good portable solution out there in engineering land somewhere.

Speaking of which, did anyone get to try that contraption that the wolfes’ used for evo? I don’t understand it myself, is it just a table or is the stick actually secured to it?

FMJ: I don’t care who uses my cabinet. I just figure I can get my matches over in pools on one area, and anyone else that wants to use it in that area can. It may not be “fair” to some people, but it’s a lot harder for the OG players to completely adjust after 12-15 years of playing arcade machines, then trying to learn console once in awhile and set up matches with random people in their houses.

It’s either adjust to console (sitting on floor in my case) or just not play. I think that it’s not fair for the arcade players to not be at their best either at a console tournament.

FMJ: I have a stand with a concrete base that Choi, Watson, Shirts, and Seth Killian used a couple of EVOS ago. It’s as stable as you can get, but it weighs over 150 pds, which is why I don’t like lugging the thing anywhere…it’s “close” to the arcade, but the cabinet in the picture is definitely 100% stable, no issues with that whatsoever.

It would be cool to see people wheeling around their cabinets! No one is really that nuts enough to play old games like this IMO, I just think it’s necessary in order to give players their best chance at winning.

It’s a good time to start thinking about building portable, stable, tables that are the right height for people sitting on ballroom chairs. I can’t play on the ground, and I don’t like sitting on the chair with the stick in my lap; my hori angles down on my legs. Standard table that could be put in storage would be sweet.

Well the main problem is that your saying “I can get my matches out of the way then whatever”… I see the ‘whatever’ as the big problem. Not to mention if even 10 people take that position, it will become a big deal IMO.

Certain players would probably restrict themselves, and their opponents, to use and wait for that table. In addition someone would probably arrange a stand for japan, so there would be the ‘special US player machine’, the ‘special Japan machine’, and 20 for everyone else. Of course the japanese could use the table, but that just makes it worse, 1 station for 20 people, 20 stations or 180.

So to solve that, they say ok only DreamTR uses the cab, well now there’s a tournament station for one person. Even if the 3 people that have those tables want that, it’s already too many special rules IMO.

The only way tournaments can stay efficent is if they stop waiting for people, keep enough stations available, and keep every station as busy as possible. That also means that everyone’s stick has to move with them from station to station (or every station has to be the same control set). I can see people getting knocked over by the table, trouble trying to get people to move it quickly, so i don’t think it would work out personally. Of course if seth or wiz or cannons say it’s cool just forget i posted, but i don’t think they would be up for it.

I don’t think anyone would want it any other way, the question is how can it be done without affecting the way the tournament is conducted, and in a way that anyone who wants to play on arcade controls can duplicate.

The issue is that console tournaments are moving away from the way it was a couple years ago, waiting less time, less forgiving of people sharing a stick, especially now that every game is run at the same time, all 4 of you could be in different pools playing at the same time. Thats going to be bad enough with a 150lb stick, much less a table.

Well I think most of the MvC2 players would be interested in this as well, and a lot of other people that would just want arcade controls for the sake of having them. I think we all want the players to be at their best, but it’s not going to get solved IMO unless it also matches the flow of console tournaments.

I would think that it’d be alright. Let the people in Dreams pool use it if they so wish and bracket use it. That way it isn’t as though he has to move it. For people in other pools, if they’re so adamant about it they could make their own mini one, or purchase one.

Think about it this way, Dream has payed a lot of money for this, so it would be up to him if he allows others to use it. If someone wants to use it out of his pool, then thats up to him and the person that wants to use it.

And once you get to the final eight or so then its all up on the stage anyway so it works out.

BTW Dream, I’m intending on making one of my own for MWC, hopefully I can finish it in time. But if I do, then if you wanna use it for one of the select console variations of the games (GGXX/ or CFJ or SFEX lol) its up to you. Otherwise I’ll put some casuals on it for whatever game I desire.

The way I see it, you’re able to use whichever stick you’re most comfortable with, right? And, if your stick of choice happens to be built into a huge table, then so be it.

But, at the same time, it’s up to you to be in your pool ready to play at your assigned time. If you aren’t ready, you’re DQd. So there would be no “I want to wait for that table stick…”, it would just be “You’re up” and you step up and play or get DQd (within a reasonable time)

Because when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter if your control choice is a pad/stick/cabinet/dance pad, it should be whatever you play best on (as long as there is no special rule made/broken on your behalf).

AZ had a large dual stick setup a couple years ago. They just moved it in for their tournament matches, and otherwise they had it in the byoc and ran casuals on it pretty much all day. It worked out well, I think theyd let people on it if they asked, you could do the same. With the current evo setup, you could just move it in for your pools, and they could use it for just that pool for that game. I doubt it’d slow things down that much, the person running the pool would have to just designate matches on whatever station and the stick wouldn’t move and some people would get to play on it if they want and sometimes not, because the station with the table can easily be pushed aside or even you can just play sitting behind, in front or beside it. Anyone else that wants to use it… tough, theres prolly a ton of sticks there better than yours, and you cant use them either.

First off DreamTR I’d like to say “DAAAMNNN that’s a sweet stick/setup”. Even if I had my own stick there I’d still be curious to play on your cab.

While I agree that you should be comfortable and be able to play at your best FMJ does have some good points. I couldn’t tell you how many times I saw ppl running around trying to find a specific stick that they needed/would only use. Obviously when you’re playing you’ll have it setup in your pool for yourself and whomever else you’re willing to let play on, that’s coo, but you mentioned your buddies. This is where the real issues are. The chances are you’re friends aren’t going to be in the same pools and are going to want to play on it as well with a good chance it’s going to happen while you’re playing your matches. That’s just something to really think about.

Wow, that setup is hotness. I think you should be able to use whatever you want, just be rdy to carry it to your station or be dq’d like pimp willy said. I’m sure a lot of players have been hindered becuase of playing on the floor or on their lap. Allowing a setup like this would make everyone happy. Console people get to play on the floor, and the rest can stand up.


 That whole room looks fantastic. You have that stick and 2 pinball machines? What else do you have in that room? Great setup. I am all for bringing that kind of stick. At least no one will steal it... probably.

 FMJ, that stick that the Wolfe's are using is the equivalent of a small metal table. Pretty nice but not compact. There was someone else that brought some kind of small desk-like thing that had a platform that you put on your chair and you sit on it like a saddle. The desk juts out and had a rubbery base. Ingenious. I took pictures of it but someone stole my camera at EVO. :sad:

No, it would definitely just be for myself if that was the issue, and I would move it around to the area where my matches would be. Only issue is that a PS2 has to be inserted inside the cabinet, as that is where the controller port currently is unless I get an extender.

There are two pinball machines in that room, but it does not show the Street Fighter cabinet in the back area. I don’t have enough room in that apartment for lots of things, and this is just a temporary setup for now, but if no one has a problem with it, and my pools are in one area, I can just put the stick in that area and just allow myself to use it if needed.

wow, that looks just like a stick i have downstairs, oh shit, its gone!!! you thief!!! j/k, thanks for taking it off my hands, and i would directly ask the cannons or wizard about this stick. i was denied use of it at this past evo. im sure there’s lots of reasons, but let the staff explain. gl getting it there though, and i would love to play with that in a console tourney.