Is a giant arcade stick stand legal for EVO next year?

just when i thought jason couldnt fit anything else in his place, he buys this big ass cabinet and fits it in. lol… good shit, im glad to see the cabinet will still be in good hands…

Sabre and Watts: Shirts has been actually coming over more often to play console. It’s night and day when using this stick on console. I don’t care what any of these little kids say about how easy it is to adjust to sitting on the floor and missing moves and shit. Most of them weren’t even 6 years old when we started playing in arcade, so they GREW UP on console, so they have the reverse in effect on their end.

Sabre: I had to get rid of the entertainment center to fit this damned thing in.

Hey DreamTR… could u post those pics of the 150 lb controller?

I asked u a week ago… u prob just forgot… I wanna make one but i wanna see how it’d looked



RenoRob, It’s covered with all sorts of stuff, but just imagine where the buttons are on this pic =P

Also got a stand for the tv. Now it’s great!

I used the 150 lbs stick at EVO2k3 or was it 2k4. The stick is pimp.

Reno, you were in my pool during that EVO.

Yea I know… and I want one :sad:


You are my hero. You don’t even know how much I agree with you on the whole arcade vs console debate. I personally HATE sitting down to play. I have been playing all my life on meaty US sticks, and anytime I have to play on console or Jap sticks, it hurts my soul. :sad: