Is a home internet network like a partnership or marriage?


If a few people live in the same household with their own desktop computers connected to the same cable modem via firewall(s), switchbox(es), etc. and one of them does illegal shit on the internet, can bad stuff happen to the other people or their internet?


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I may have “accidentally” downloaded some “socially frowned upon” adult material.


His mom probably hacked the social networking site for dads, so Beguiled Sr. can spend more time paying the bills than sharing pictures of Beguiled Jr’s softball team.


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If you get a sex-change operation and become transgender nothing will happen to you as the law will have trouble determining which laws to apply (male or female). Better get started on that option select.


Just say you’re a woman in the email they send for an injunction.

You’ll get a slap on the e-wrist.


You know, if you take off the “network” in the title this could easily refer to ISPs in America.




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You’d need to get into more specifics if you want a useful reason why, but your generally-applicable answer is yes.




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TL;DR: downloaded underage porn, need legal advice


All you need to do is hide behind 7 proxy families. Any less and they can trace you down to your original family.


I wish I could kill my internet connection and get its insurance money to get better internet.


From my understanding, it will start with prosecution of the person who’s name the internet is under, but similar to getting a driving ticket in someone else’s car, they can pass it along if they prove it was person 'Y’s computer.

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If it’s a one-time instance, it’s pretty standard fare (and commonly-leveraged in court) to blame it on someone hacking into your wifi and using your internet. Where people typically get caught is when they routinely engage in said behavior over a period of time that establishes presence and possibly unique identity.

If it’s really something bad enough that OP is scared to say on a public forum, he needs to A) get rid of it all immediately or B), get a lawyer if someone knocks.


if they can trace your MAC address (which they easily should be able to), it won’t matter who did what with the network. They’ll know the PC ID and MAC addy, and you be fucked.


seems like the person whose name is on the bill would be the one on the hook for it until they point the finger at someone else in the house.

My totally legit legal advice because my ITT Tech associates degree in computer networking came with a complimentary law degree is to leave the wifi unsecured and claim it was the nearest registered sex offender you can find in your neighborhood.