Is a Mortal Kombat reboot movie in the works?


scratches head This could be good.



But yea the original mortal kombat movie was like the greatest thing in my childhood.


Mortal Komeback?

plz no.



There’s beating a dead horse, then there’s performing a fucking fatality on it. MK is dead, leave it be and let it rest with dignity, jesus.


this news is old.

nothing new to report at the moment. Not sure if it will ever be done. :confused:

The first movie was decent, and the 2nd was AWFUL. Not SF The Movie awful, but close.


Semi off-topic, is your av reptile from MK1? I’ve never seen that incarnation.


Yeah, the first one was pretty OK actually. but the second one just failed SO HARD.


Yes. Reptile was a hidden character in MK1, and is nearly impossible to find.


Hidden Character yeah, Pain in the ass to fight too. He was basically the Scorpion and Subzero together with Green instead of Yellow or Blue, and you fought him at the bottom of the pit, thought I can’t remember for the life of me how you got to fight him. Also, was it possible to play as him? o_0


No, it wasn’t possible to play as Reptile. I think you had to double-perfect everyone and then uppercut your opponent off of the bridge into the pit. Or something.

The first MK movie was awesome. The second one, not so much.


Double perfect and fatality IIRC?

EDIT: Double perfect the pit opponent and fatality them?


lol I was so off.

From wiki: To fight Reptile in Mortal Kombat, players had to win two consecutive rounds while fighting on the Pit stage without blocking or taking damage and ending the second round with a Fatality. In addition, a random silhouette would have to float across the moon in the background before the start of the match, which occurred after every eighth stage cycle. Reptile could then be fought at the bottom of the Pit, awarding the player ten million points if they defeated him. Reptile also appeared randomly prior to matches with clues on how to find him, such as “Look to la luna.”


dammit. as much as I would love some more reboot in my life, this isn’t the way I wanted it to happen. I agree with the rest. Mortal Kombat should be allowed to rest with whatever dignity it has left. This movie, should they choose to make it, may very well end in… Fatality.



Can’t wait for Morkal Komeback: The Movie The Game.


Last I heard on this movie…they weren’t touching the first movie but they were going to pretend that the second movie had never occured. That sounded like a sound plan to me. Don’t know why they wanna go and completely reboot it…but if they’re trying to make it better than the first one then who am I to complain?

Mainframe needs to hurry up with that Reboot reboot…


The fact that some people in here have never fought reptile in MK1 is shocking to me. Guess I’m too old?

Yellow (Scorpion) + Blue (Sub-Zero) = Green (Reptile). That should explain why he had both of their entire move lists and walked at twice their speed.
Look to la luna = Look to the moon.
The only stage with a moon was the pit.
If you started a new game match 8 would always put you on the Pit.
Win 2 straight rounds no blocking…

Nevermind. I’m wasteing time. lol

Anyway, check out one of the guys on that links character list. Mortal Kombat: Deception character list for a REBOOT of the movie.


They could only hope to top the first one with the original cast (sans Sonya and that ugly Goro puppet).

And actually make it rated R this time since everyone who cares has grown up since 95.


Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is the only person allowed to play Tsung in my eyes right now. Sucks that they can’t bring Kano back…(R.I.P. Trevor Goddard)


I didn’t know he died :shake::shake:

He has no replacement.

Maybe me and Sonya should share a cabin, have our own little honey moon.


first movie was gdlk. the original cast would be pretty hard to top. unless they went all out with the budget. that does suck that kano died. never knew that either. rip.