Is a "new" version of SFV coming... or is it fine to buy it now?


My PS4 died. We are planning to buy a PC gaming system instead. (please no PC vs Console crap… just stay on topic thanks!)… Anyway. Now that the final DLC are revealed, dose anyone know or have thoughts on if Capcom will add “more” to the existing game, or will they release a brand new version of the game? I like the game but I will be really pissed if I buy it for the 2nd time and then a month or so latter they announce a new SFV game that requires me to buy the “base game” a third time.

Thanks for your input!


The developers said they will be no mandatory purchase new disc. If they do create another disc it will just be an optional purchase where you can also get the same content as long as you already have the game. Once you have purchased the game you have bought the “service” and all of its future content is accessible to you without another disc. All of the gameplay based content is free either immediately or through using Fight Money earned in the game.

There is a certain amount of premium cosmetic costumes and stages that require real money to purchase, but they’re all premium visual content that don’t add to the gameplay.

Everyone is on the same service/platform now like in KI.


awesome thanks man… Cool. Wasn’t keen to buy Game again and then all the DLC and then have to do it a 3rd time at Xmass or w/e!

thanks for the reply


There won’t be another version, and I doubt thee will be many if any new characters after The last Season 1 character drops. Capcom and Sony screwed the pooch so hard with 5 that this game will suffer the same fate as SF3 where they had no money to update it and investors will not invest in another street fighter game for a very long time. It is still a great game and it will be the game we play until either PS5 comes out or Disney buys Capcom :wink:


Disney buying Capcom…? wut .-.


There’s probably a new version coming but not for a while.

Capcom said there isn’t one but we know they’re lying.


If they did that then the community will be split again between people who own the new version and people who doesn’t. They might add new mechanics and rebrand it under the name of “Hyper Street Fighter V Ultimate Edition” or whatever, but people who owned the game from day 1 will still receive all the patches required to be able to play with people who only bought the latest edition.


It’s not as crazy and unlikely as you think. Disney and Capcom already have a relationship thanks to those licensed Disney games they had Capcom work on. Like DuckTales, and that Mickey Mouse Platformer. Disney tried their luck at making games in house with the Epic Mickey Titles but they didn’t do enough to keep Disney interested in continuing to pursue game development. But if Disney ever wanted to get back into making games, but not start from scratch. They’d buy an already existing development studio, and who better than their buddy Capcom?

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fairly low chance of new version but maybe a re-release bundled with season 1 characters, this might tickle a nerve or two on existing players though.


you’ll have to buy the game again anyway since you’ll be switching to steam PC right?


Some of our of players ended up buying ps4s because the timing feels different on the two platforms


I just have PC V and then USFIV on Xbox


You seriously think that’ll stop them?


KI has the “Definitive Edition,” Mortal Kombat has “XL” - I’d be very surprised if Capcom doesn’t do something similar, and I’d also be surprised if said “Street Fighter V: Champion Edition” doesn’t release for about $40 the same way Super 4 did.

That said, I think you might be waiting at least another year if you are counting on such a thing - the ideal time to release would be Christmas (sorry, the holiday season), and we know how God awful Capcom is at keeping secrets so if it was planned for this year it would have been leaked already.


If you are a bit budget minded i seen that the Redbox machines are selling games now and that a used copy of SF5 goes for less than 30. You dont need the season pass unless you are using your console at casuals or tournaments.


If they want to be inconsistent with everything they’ve been promising for a year, no.


It sounds to me like there could be a Super SFV at some point, but it would just be characters and costumes, and balance updates would be free so as to not split up the community.

Whatever the case, a SSFV release would probably be a good thing, considering the sales of SFV will always be hurt by bad launch reviews.


A 'Street Fighter V: Complete Edition" will likely be released on disc eventually and priced attractively. But like DJ said, it won’t be a mandatory purchase. Buying into the platform now, means you can play the game sooner and grow in skill in tandem with the player base as the game evolves. You will also never have to buy another SF5 disc again as you can upgrade/purchase the parts you want via the DLC system.

Having said that, waiting a year or two even for a ‘Complete Edition’ disc will probably save you a few bucks and the frustration of dealing with Capcom’s slow pace of addressing game issues.