Is a new video card enough?


Hello i was wondering…
i own a old pc…
intel Q9450 (quad core)
8gb ram
geforce 8500GT

Would it make sense to look for just a new video card?
Or does the whole machine suck to much to run new games smooth?


Core 2 Quad? Now might actually be a good time to upgrade. If that’s about 3 or so years old, getting a new rig might be a better long term proposition.


Lol, wow… I feel really old now.
My rig:
C2D E4300
GeForce 7800GT


Yhea its a Core 2 Quad…
hmmmmmmmm yhea damn i think your right… but i cant do that for a while… i have to buy a laptop and some other stuff for my work 1st.
And probably its best for me to get the new xbox or ps4 instead of a big pc for gaming…

i never thought a nice game would run on my pc just the emulators… but i installed streetfighter x tekken and work super good (60fps) on low settings…
And i just bought a DOA5 (xbox360 ver.)arcade stick for my pc…
So i got mortal kombat komplete edition also but thats on something like 15 fps :frowning: and the biggest reason for this is probably because i cant put MK in a low resolution… in streetxtek. you can put it very low :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@SirMixahLot whahahah old fart :wink:


You can see why I haven’t turned it on since around February? lol


Just get a laptop with decent specs.


yhea i think thats the best option! but i want a really portable one they probably all have shitty cards :frowning:


i think ill start saving for this one:
Dell Inspiron 15R SE
3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7-3632QM processor (up to 3.20 GHz, 6M cache)
8GB1 DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz
1 TB (5.400 rpm)
2GB AMD Radeon HD 7730M

:slight_smile: thanks for the advice!


Depends on what you’re doing. That Q9450 is about half as fast as modern quads but if you’re playing something that would use all the cores it could still push quite a bit.

That mobile graphics card would destroy your current one but it really isn’t relevant for modern gaming either. That’s equivalent to the worst/cheapest possible desktop card you could buy. If you’re just looking for casual gaming, sure. Anything else I’d definitely aim for better.

If you are just looking for a small upgrade, a graphics card in your current machine would be a much better bet than purchasing an overpriced “gaming” laptop. A $90 graphics card like the Radeon 7750 would definitely let you max SF4/SFxT and play MK very comfortably along with that processor.


yhea man youre right, and for me its better to have my gaming and music making systems separate also…
better not be greedy i will get the a cheap card for this pc and save for a good laptop just for music…
i will be very happy to play those games anyways… and ill buy a next gen system for gamin in the future.
thanks for the good insight!


IMHO and experience, a new card will not do much, especially if the game(s) you want to improve is/are CPU dependent. I had a C2D with 2 9500GT’s in SLI that I upgraded with a GTX470 a while back… Got a whopping 10 FPS improvement on average.

Dropped that same 470 in a 1st gen i7 rig that I later built, and the FPS on the same games more than doubled from my original setup. CPU is King… Of course, some games are less dependent than others.


SF4 relies more on GPU and that processor is more than enough. MK uses more cpu, but it’s still much more gpu bound, plus that quad would work fine for it. An 8500GT is fantastically outdated and the definite bottleneck for any gaming on that system. It’s comparable to 10-year-old cards. I would predict a 3-5x realworld performance increase on gpu bottlenecked games going to something like the radeon 7750, and that requires no external power so it’s always my first entry-level choice. Dual 9500gt is a lot different than a single 8500gt, and a dual core is much more of a bottleneck than a quad in modern games.


I would upgrade the video card. You would get perfect performance on SFxT on highest video settings, and good performance in MK also.
You should check out this site:
You can input your pc spec and see how it compares to any game’s system requirements.


It really depends on what you are trying to do. Some games are going to be CPU limited and some are going to be GPU limited. Based on your configuration it is more likely that many games will be GPU limited, but more and more games coming out will likely be CPU limited. If you have the money it may be time for a new rig, which would probably future proof you for a few years. However if all you are planning on playing is native fighting games, then there is really no reason to upgrade your CPU.


super nice thanks guys!!
that site also really nice @SFighter
Bless up!!!