Is a Sf x T class action lawsuit possible if so info on how to do it

I was wondering is it possible for us to come together and sue capcom about the dlc controversy and false advertisement of the online play options.


It’s really not that serious…

When you bought the game you believed there were 38 characters. After you opened it, all you could play were 38 characters. Essentially what you want to do is sue a company for making DLC before release date. No one will take this seriously.

As for false advertising you are correct. If you really feel so strongly about that you can write a letter to Capcom and request a refund. Companies write small checks to customers all the time.

If you have nothing else better to do, either get good at the game or if you don’t care borrow some books on law and intellectual properties before you start another thread like this.

Hahaha I just picture you handing a Capcom representative a Denny’s napkin with the words “SUB PEENA” written on it. “See you in court”, you’ll say arrogantly, then tilt your nose up and walk away, failing to realize that you forgot to wear pants.

Probably not, since AT&T vs. Concepcion.

I think maybe you’d have a better case RE: the 360 version lacking some shit, but then again I’m no lawyer.

Quick, flash the UltradavidSignal!

Remember the Battlefield 3 preorder bonus for ps3 players?? oh yes, EA lied and someone sued, them.

Everyone knows the final of the story:

Interesting because this case is similar .

some people have way too much time on their hands.

instead of suing capcom why not just not buy the game.

Because I had already purchased the game I didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to play locally online nor would the supposedly exclusive dlc would actually be on my disc in complete form that I had already paid for .

You only have a case about the false advertisement. Law protects Capcom with the whole DLC thing. Unless you are planning to go to the supreme court with this to try and change laws, you might as well forget about suing for the DLC.

I really don’t care that much in the long run, but I can see where you are coming from.

“So I gotta pay extra to unlock something on a disc I already paid for”

Yeah its stupid, but I guess that’s the world we live in. Bring back the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo era please.

From what I figured dlc as in downloadable content meant content I had to download.Megaman and pacman were touted as Sony exclusives along with the 12 dlc characters .Who are available in complete form on disc along with all costumes and colors.So what exactly is the dlc here

i’m happy i didn’t buy that shitty game

Does anyone believe if people put their foot down on companies trying to sell content already on disc, that they would stop doing it?


It’s not the content being on the disc that bothers me.

It’s that I have to wait god damn six months to play it that kills me.

Not that I bought the game to begin with.

You mean you didn’t know it happened in every other Capcom game that came out (some of which you bought as proven by your posting history) in the last 5 years?

They are not breaking any laws by putting locked content on the disk… So good luck with that.

And it won’t stand up in court if your case is that you “didn’t know it would not have a feature”. You would have to find evidence related to marketing where they specifically said it would have local online multiplayer specifically on 360. You can’t just bring up pre-release interviews up as evidence of this - while the game is in development it’s subject to change, it has to be an actual advertisement for you to say it’s false advertising.