Is a trial of photshop enough to make art for my fightstick?


I’ve ne’er used it and need to learn by doing. I want some new art. Is the trial enough for me to hook it up?




they were giving away CS2 for free weren’t they? more than enough for stick art


Gimp is free as well:



#6 > gimp IMO… at least it feels a shit ton more like PS… all the gimp shit is all opposite style.


I had no idea! I’ve been using Photoshop since Photoshop 4 and generally just “get” the latest version. I was considering running an older one along side CS6 for the boost in processing power (I love PS, but bloatware much?), so thanks for the tip.

If you are new to image editing, just get Gimp, doesn’t matter that it’s laid out differently to PS if you’ve never got into PS. Gimp is VERY capable and there are a shit ton of resources available, it won’t rinse your system resources and it’s legitimately free. The only reason I don’t use it is because after using PS for 16 years I am used to certain features and stuff that I don’t want to give up. Let me also say that there are certain things that Gimp actually does better than Photoshop (oh hey Magnetic lasso).