Is a WWE brawlstick for $50CDN a good deal?

hey guys, I just found a place selling new madcatz WWE brawlsticks for $50CDN. Is that a good deal? Shouldn’t they usually be $100?

$50 for a brawlstick sounds like a good deal to me, about $20 off the usual price here in the United States.
The more expensive version of the WWE brawlstick is the Madcatz Tournament Edition fightsticks (just fyi in case you were confused about the two)

Brawlstick is meh. 50 is alright for it.

alright so this isn’t a killer “punch an old lady to get to the deal faster” kind of deal then? I’m glad, I was considering getting it just because of the price even though the parts for my new custom are already in the mail, it would unnecessarily increase my stick collection from one to three pretty much over night. . .

Not really, you would be paying an extra 30-40 for new sanwa parts anyways

Coming from the guy who wrote a stickies thread and expected to know the approx prices of sticks.
$50 for a new WWE Brawl stick is cheap for here in the United States. I expect the average price of sticks in Canada be a bit higher due to supply and demand.

I understand in Canada getting sticks and fight pads can be difficult

I’d get it, it’s a nice case for future projects. Parts are probably the best non-arcade parts you can get (stick has Omron microswitches, same as Sanwa).

Same brand, but not same model.

$50 is a good price. They go for $60 at gamestop. Best time was during black friday when they were buy one get one free or at tournaments when they were selling them for $30 (I bought 5 of them at Devastation when I saw them for $30)

I have a similar question, didn’t want to open a new thread: is 82 € for a used-like new MadCatz TE round 1 a good price? I think it is because I couldn’t find it in any EU shop and other TEs cost about 140 € in EU shops (not 140$) but I need your opinions since I don’t know the current evaluation

OP: Yes, it’s a decent deal. It’s not killer, but it’s decent. The BrawlStick is a revised and relabeled Standard Edition. The early SE sticks used MadCatz knockoffs of Sanwa buttons and joysticks that were, put favorably, not very good. They upgraded their clones with the Tatsunoko vs Capcom Wii stick, making them much more acceptable, but still not quite Sanwa. I think the BrawlStick is much like the TvC version.

@ Vincenzo: Possibly. €82 is roughly US$106. This is about the going rate for a used TE in the US. If prices for a new one are that high, then jump on it.

I believe (and I’ll have to check with MarkMan on this) that all SE case sticks after the TvC use the upgraded parts.

TvC and Brawlsticks use the same parts.