Is a WWE Fight Stick

I’ve been saving up for months to buy a fight stick. I’m not much of an arcade gamer, but I use the analog stick as I’m not very good with the dpad… I’ve been saving up 80$ for a fight stick, but my dad advises me not to as it’s a waste of money and it won’t make me better…

I’m buying the fight stick, because I want to prepare for ultimate marvel vs capcom 3. I’m ok with the analog stick, but it’s just so damn unreliable sometimes… When I put in a command, the controller sends the wrong move to the game, and it’s irritating… I know a fight stick won’t let me improve, that’s what I must practice for. I’m just asking if it’ll HELP ME get better, and/or make my executions more accurate?

I know it might take a while to get used to it. But Is the WWE Fight Stick worth picking up for a beginner? Should I reconsider?


I think the WWE arcade stick is fine for a beginner…you can mod it later on if you want with better parts.

It’s “fine,” not “good.”

I heard the hori sticks aint so bad. 60 bucks is kinda cheap for a stick you may or may not use.

They break easily…

You can… DUN DUN DUN… Mod it.

6 button is good
8 button is dick.

WWE stick blows. The joystick itself is very tight. I would honestly buy a used TE if I were you for about 80 bucks. I’ve picked them up on eBay or Craigslist from anywhere from 50-100. Happy shopping.

Or just keep checking Amazon for a refurb TE stick. Got me a Blazblue Limited Edition TE Stick for just $80 IIRC.

Anybody think that MCZ will run that one promo that they had last year at SCR? I bought 2 Round 2’s for $150. Hell of a deal if I say so myself.

Unless you want to mod that.particular box then don’t bother. Hori has better parts but the sticks in that range are hard to mod. Get a t.e. seriously. It’s the only real option

Take your $80 to the trading outlet and you can probably get a Sanwa modded SE stick.

I got the WWE stick and modded it. Well worth the money and easy to mod. If you don’t want to spend to much get the WWE stick and change the joystick only. That was the worse thing on it and the last thing I changed. The difference between the stock stick and the Sanwa one I got was massive.

If you plan on using it then it is worth the money, I traded games into amazon to get mine.

Edit: FYI you’ll love your stick alot more if/when you mod it with artwork, joystick, balltop and buttons.

Where is that?

I got an offer to buy a hori for 45 bucks… Should I accept it, and mod it?

I’m not educated on hori sticks I don’t know how well it is stock and what brand parts are in it. $45 for a stick sounds like a hell of a deal but check with someone who knows on hori

Which hori stick? Is it EX2? If its that, then no. I wonder if the V3’s or VX’s are Quick Disconnects or soldered on.

Yes, it’s ex2

If that’s out of the question, then I guess I’ll just lean towards a WWE Brawl Stick. After I buy one, I can wait a week or two to get the LJN stick for the case…

Is it hard to mod? I’m 13 btw…

V3’s and VX’s are quick disconnects.

Apparently you’re 13 so you’ll have to have someone paypal the money for you if you find a seller. As someone that originally started with entry level sticks and modded them, I’d endorse investing in at least an SE that’s already been modded or a used TE. You’ll save time and money in the long run. Also I can’t endorse a 13 year old using a soldering iron.

Guys, seriously. Please don’t encourage new users to make redundant threads. There is plenty of information on this stick out there already.

Darksaul’s “what stick should I buy” thread has all the info he needs on the WWE stick. It’s linked in the sticky.

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