Is Adon a good fit?

So I currently main Guile, but I can feel that he’s not really the right fit for me. I’m looking for a character who’s light on their feet, leaning towards footsie-oriented, on the aggressive side, preferably a circle character. I undeniably play Guile better when I’m being aggressive, I play every character better when I’m playing aggressive footsies, but as Guile I feel like I’m limited in my ability to really get at people the way that I want to.

Spent a long time looking at the character list and it felt like it came down to two options really. Either Fei Long or Adon: both are quick and aggressive, Adon seems to have better Ultra options however, the only thing I’m not 100% on is the quality of their footsies. From an outside perspective I just sort of assume that he’s designed with footsies in mind. Fei I believe has good footsies, but the inability to cancel off of anything but light attacks (I understand that’s not true but it feels that way sometimes) is pretty frustrating and his ultra options leave room for desire…

Is Adon what I should be looking for based on all of that? What drove you to pick up Adon as a main that set him apart from the rest of the cast?

Yeah Adon’s fun to use. Also, coming from a Guile player, make sure you check out M Bison. My personal main. He has the best footsies/pokes and is played heavily aggressive.

You might want to try out Ryu dude. It sounds like it fits with the decription you’re giving. Ryu has good footsies, a sweet fireball and is a solid character overall. I’m not telling you not to try out Adon, hes hella fun. But it just seems like Ryu would fit you better. Though Adon & Ryu play similarly-ish (to me).

He’s definitely someone I’ve spent a lot of time with, perhaps the stigma of the character kind of drove me away from him. I’ll think about that.

Indeed, if you’re as footsie-oriented as you mention, Dictator might be fun for you to check out. No fireball and a charge char, but still, enjoyable- not a super difficult transition. (I know, because I went Guile to Dic myself.)

Recently settled on Adon, and echoing everyone else’s sentiments, Adon is a lot of fun.