Is AE seth have more options to be risky?

i’m deciding to have seth as a s 3rd character to play but im wondering does he have to take big risks?

Poongko, OnlineTony, that new guy II SETH II is cool too and Hiropon (is he still playing AE?)

We really need a general discussion thread.

WTF kanta lol

And you could have posted this in the Seth in ae thread.

And Seth doesn’t really take big risks, it’s just he gets slapped and dies

He edited his post. Before, he asked about some good players to watch out for.

I don’t think Hiropon is playing AE on consoles (yet?) And apparently his main is now T. Hawk. Kind of odd. roxas is another decent one you can follow.

Also, I disagree about Seth not taking big risks. Most of his mix-ups really aren’t safe and when he gets slapped, as you said he dies. As opposed to Akuma, who has plenty of safe set-ups (or at least favors you guessing wrong.)

Umm, every character has to take risks, it just sucks for Seth because he has shit for life.

Also, akumas vortex is gdlk, can’t really use that as an example.

Yeah, and not having a lot of health means he takes a bigger risk than anyone else in the cast…coupled with the fact that SPD and Tanden whiffs have huge recovery issues that can’t really be fixed if you mess up the spacing (or your opponent decides to hold up.)

Valid point about Akuma, but it does feel like most characters with decent mix ups have better odds than Seth does. Mostly because of his low health, damage and stun, but also because you can make relatively good educated guesses about what Seth is going to do (no thanks to the j.fp removal, active frames on stomp and dive kick hit stun.) Landing his punish BnB seems like the only way you can really get an ambiguous game going now. That being said, he certainly looks like a monster if you haven’t dealt with all the gimmicks he has before.

but i still think seth has better odds of guessing rite…spd/tandem will whif if they jump and also if they jumped up on spd or jumped forward on tandem,most of the players play safe so i guess they will think twice jumping on seth,because of a good dp and mixup after wards,same reason for spd,the approach to play seth should be fearless…throw alot and when they tech spd/dp…