Is akuma broken?

I mean, i always seem to lose against akuma players!

What a great thread.

Calling troll.

We need the Angelpalm signal.

Sorry, i just suck against Akuma players. And i am not a troll

There is your answer…

I’m going just straight up answer your question to avoid further negative responses from others towards you by saying that Akuma isn’t broken.

It’s understandable in fighting games to run into characters who you are struggling with or you just ‘suck’ against, it’s in their nature everyone has ‘weak areas’ in learning something. It’s a challenge for you to overcome as a player.

Why isn’t he broken then?

His Health isn’t Very High

850 health puts Akuma at having the second lowest health level in the game. Meaning trades aren’t generally in his favor unless he either has a substantial life lead or you are Seth.

Low Stun Level

His stun level is also pretty low at 850 meaning that he can’t take a beating for long. The Akuma player must be, for the most part, in control of the match by keeping you at bay with air fireballs, trying to play footsies with you or vortexing you to death.

**What Can You Do Against Air Fireballs? **

Akuma’s (single) air fireballs can be focused by you to help you gain some free ultra meter should he try to use them as a means to keep you out or score some free damage at any point in the match. At full-screen, you can also neutral jump his air fireballs should he try to use them to open you up.

Generally the fireball happy Akuma players can be beaten by simple anti-fireball moves such as Tatsus or some anti-fireball ultras e.g. Dee Jay Ultra 1.

During Footsies

During footsie situations, Akuma’s best pokes are either his cr.:mk: or his cr.:hk:. Most Akuma players tend to go for the cr.:hk: over the cr.:mk: for punishing your whiffed normals simply because hard knock-downs are what Akuma players want in general because of his vortex.

It’s important to learn the reach of both of these attacks so that you can whiff punish them in footsie situations with your own normals.

As you know, you can focus these normals (cr.:mk: & cr.:hk: ) and punish him with a focus attack (you’ll want to aim for a level 2 one so that you get the crumple for a free combo of your choice) especially against cr.:hk:. Although there are a couple things to be wary of:
[]Be wary of if he does a cr.:mk: and you focus it as he can cancel it into a fireball and knock you out of it.
]Be wary of if he is rocking either Ultra 1 or Super as he can cancel his cr.:hk: into both his super and ultra to catch you should you start focusing his cr.:hk: too much.
[*]Cr.:mk: into fireball isn’t a true block-string if he does it at the tip of his foot, you can stick a projectile invincible move to go through the fireball and punish him if he wants to do so.
What Should You Do If He Knocks You Down?

If you do get knocked down, try not to panic as the moment you get mind-fucked by his vortex mix-ups, the closer you get to losing the match. There are many videos out there on YouTube displaying his vortex mix-ups so it’s a good idea to at least recognize them at least so that you are prepared for what is coming next.

Hell there are forums on here, detailing them to be sure to check them out.

**Your Mental State as A Player as well as Simple Ways To Read Your Opponent. **

Beating a shoto character requires patience and a calm state of mind and a lack of either of these can lead to you making silly mistakes and Akuma is no exception to this rule.
The best way to tackle shoto players in general is to just treat every new shoto player you meet with a blank notebook in your head. Forget any preconceived opinions about the shotos or how many you’ve possibly run through in your play session, just take it slow and slowly read them.
[]Where do they like to throw their fireballs?
]Do they like their footsies or do they just sweep all day long?
[]What do they like to do on their wake-up?
]Do they like to back-dash or wake-up ultra?
These are just some of the questions that you can ask yourself when taking on a shoto. Albeit this list is pretty universal give or take a couple character specific examples: e.g. character has
no projectile attacks.

That said, I can understand why you would ask such a question. As it stands right now, many people just see Akuma as a ‘bullshit, herp-derp vortex mix-up character’ but he is beatable just like everyone else.

Thankyou very much for your answer! You have really helped. :wink:

<p>Master Gouki isn’t broken. Players who say this are mostly sore at losing to a specific character. omh I wrote something similar about Cammy on his profile. He has an awesome Oni. Cammy has the tools to really hurt Oni. The game is beautifully balanced. If you have any complaints then keep them to yourselves. This is the most balanced fighting game in years.</p><p>“If man was to realise the essence of wisdom… he would never feel anger, jealousy, envy, malice, nor hatred towards others.”</p><p>(Rises along with Master Gouken and walks off)…</p><p> </p>

Cammy so broken. Loses to Oni who is considered one of the worst in the game.<div>Same goes for Akuma and Yang.</div>

I wish he was still broken like he was in Vanilla. :(<br>

He isn’t broken, but as E.Ryu he’s depressing to play against, faster movement speed, better teleport, a bunch of meterless hard knockdowns, not to mention his sweep is a frame faster than both my AND sweep.


Of course he’s broken. He’s a broken man.