Is Akuma/Gouki Broken on SSF4?

I know its such a noobish, but is he?:wgrin:

The answer is no. Nobody is “broken” in Super Street Fighter IV.

I see, its just cause ive been playing SF2 all my life and being new to SSF4 i notice lots of people like using Ryu online more then anything else. And Ryu being one of the most simple and effective characters to use for noobs like me in SSF4… Im goin to switch it up to Akuma now…Dude is just too insane in this game!

Akuma is nowhere near as noob friendly as Ryu or Ken, due to his extremely low stamina rating. He has the second lowest health of any character in the game, and a single combo from many characters is enough to take away a good third of your life if not more. He also requires a lot more than spamming DPs and FBs to succeed unlike Ken/Ryu, you have to understand pretty much all of his moves and all of his mixup options before you will become truly good, and you will have to know how and when to apply all of them.

He’s the most unique of all the shotos I would say, and really not a character I would recommend starting with as he’s extremely frustrating until you learn all the fundamentals and a ton of matchups for him.

If you’re dead set on playing a shoto to start (not a bad idea), then Ryu is the best option by far for reasons you yourself stated, he’s very beginner friendly and will teach you all of the basics of the game. Ken is another good option but doesn’t have great footsies. If you want a less played shoto that’s still pretty beginner friendly and fun to play, Gouken is a great option as well.

Akuma is probably the most rewarding character in the game, but you have to be persistent with him. If you get complaints about cheap or using a broken character, that means you’re doing it right.

He’s a glass cannon you’ll probably get used to the health very quickly especially with the damage nerf in SSFIV, the thing that makes him so hard to master is that he’s got soooooooooo many tools that they start working against you unless you know what you’re doing.

Akuma in SFII is broken though, couldn’t beat him for the longest time.

I’m sorry, what?

Sorry, that was meant in comparison to Ryu, not in general.

I beg to differ t.hawks cmd throw is deffinatly broken it goes further then his arm. Back on topic though akuma is in no way broken infact he could have had alot improved like his ultra2 actually being useful.

Oh and ken has way better footsies then ryu.

I’m sorry, what?

ive actually used akuma in ssf2t (big time broken) and on alpha 2, he still has his elements in 4 which is a good thing!
Ive played against this Japanese dude earlier online who is btw very technical with his Ryu, I had like 63BP on Akuma and he had like 2500BP or something like that… and i just got outta practice mode with akuma so i fairly up’d my game a bit…In the end it was a good fight but i came out victor, i played akuma so out of place it made the dude go in circle’s tryin to figure what the hell im doin :looney:

Being good does not mean broken. T.Hawk’s throw is easy to avoid whether or not it goes past his arms. Quite a few moves do that I believe; I think Balrog’s headbutt has a ridiculous hitbox. Whatever the case Zangiefs SPD is known to have more range.
And Akuma can cancel out of his teleport into U2. Mind games galore.

  1. Ken has excellent footsies. That stupid ass forward mk is so godlike and it leads to kara setups.

  2. I’d say Akuma is easier than Ken because at low levels he can really just jump back fireball and teleport away and scrubs won’t be able to do anything against this.

Hahah, you’re still off the mark. fwd+mk is one of THE best pokes in came, he has the best, even over Ryu, and his and are great poke stuffers.

Not to mention Kara throw beating out some pokes if you do it right.

Seconded. Most broken move, not to mention the hefty punch it packs.

t.hawks whoring 360 throws LOL,
and ken’s mk poker ROFL (so damn true!)

saw some replays on high level’d japanese players last night. Hawk vs Akuma. and here’s what ive analyzed during this quality fight,

  • During the first round, Akuma player always notice that when Hawk get’s into close range he quickly reacts and jump back.(basic I know).
    Hawk does that missed throw reaction when he doesn’t grab somebody…seriously made Hawk look silly as shit! But highly affective.

-Once Hawk caught up with Akuma’s tricks of jumping back from close range, Hawk initiates a tomohawk and loves to put akuma to the corner for some pressure game (bad move)
All Akuma had to do was teleport and do some off the wall combo’s. Mind this Akuma player was hyper as hell… Moving from place to place…its like a fly you just cant swat… Akuma player is seriously unpredictable. Even the timer was used as his leverage :badboy:

Over all Akuma has the tools,but sometimes people don’t use him the way he should be played. its like a pitbull who is as friendly as a Golden retriever.

“If you get complaints about cheap or using a broken character, that means you’re doing it right.” -ultracombo :nunchuck:

Akuma does have some tricks up his sleeve…wait he doesn’t have sleeves. Seriously, Akuma is broken but compared to T-hawks throw, Akuma is a flesh wound.

but hawk will have to catch up with him first :slight_smile:

I think whatever I had intact of my game died after reading this thread.

I better get my ass on a plane to EVO then seeing as I can beat a “broken” move all day every day