Is Alex Broken/Top-tier?



Even though i’d heard Alex was Bottom tier, i played him because i thought he was cool and he fit my all-offense gameplay style. Plus added challenge & fun of trying to do well with a low tier.

Ummm no, he may seem awkward/slow at first but Alex is DEVASTATING. I can smash through whole teams with him alone by himself. His jumping+C is not only a neat way to chase and or reach the ground faster, upon landing it is also a perfect way to do a level 3, and the other player cannot get out of it.

Also he deals GREAT damage. So many times an opponent was wailing on me for a while, but when i finally got in a few hits, we were even. And not long before i landed a few more and crushed him completely.

I’m starting to feel bad for playing him, like its being “cheap”.

So what say you guys…is Alex a BEAST?


He does have awesome damage, but his mobility is still an issue. At close range he suffers against rushdown since he has slow pokes compared to the rest of the cast. His approach is also flawed, since j.5C is very very punishable on block and so is a plasma elbow.

I believe he’s definately up there as a great character but he still has his bad matchups. Unblockable resets and stuff are awesome though.


j.C is awesome. …Until it gets blocked and you eat a nice combo. Use j.B instead. Way safer and you can combo off it once landing.

Anyway, I agree he’s pretty good, but like frustratedsquirrel said, his mobility and speed are a problem. Assists can help you getting in, but…yeah.


I don’t think he’s broken, or top-tier (I don’t even think tiers even matter on this game). He can’t double jump like everybody else, and he is slow, but makes up for it with his strength.

If Alex threw fireballs, then he would be top tier, but he doesn’t. He is really strong and he has his upsides, but he isn’t top tier by any means. and just because you goin ham on people doesn’t mean you are cheap lol. It just means that you are a beast with him. Thats it.


try getting close to a good saki/tekkaman, doronjo, or rockman and youll see, sure he can get big damage if he gets you, but can he? Also if hes being rushed and mixed by yatterman 1/2, chunli, karas,jun, V.joe, theres little he can do outside megacrash


I think everyone just underestimates him, thinking Alex is just another slow, clumsy grappler. For one thing he is not THAT slow, and secondly-- Due to TvsC’s particular gaming mechanics, running away is nowhere near as easy as it was in Mvc2.

In marvel, characters could run away like no tomorrow, not so in TvsC. And once i eventually close the distance with Alex they’re going to get crushed.

I smash through all of the above characters like that all the time with no mercy.

Oh well, its possible the group i play against just suck i guess… A lot of those guys are getting seriously pissed at me lately.


Are there really ways to make his level 3 truly unavoidable? I’ve always figured you could either push-block, jump, or jab out of any of his traps.


Push block doesn’t get you far enough away from him for it to matter as Hyper Bomb has great range, and it’s very obvious… Jumping and jabbing won’t get you out because it’s set up while you’re still in stun.

Alex is a far cry from broken, though. He’s just easy. Alex is extremely good at punishing any holes in other people’s offenses, closing distances with jC while people are still recovering and as long as he has meter he can meet any hole in anyone’s offense, no matter how small, with a Hyper Bomb. His damage is fantastic (although not the best) and his combos have relatively little execution difficulties, his assist can keep pressure in a wide variety of situations, and any character can end most of their combos with launcher into a simple juggle and VAR over to Alex to add lol damage to everything they do at the cost of a single super meter. His pressure is also quite strong and easily backed up by several assists, especially given his ability to use inescapable tick throws.

All of this means that if the people you’re playing aren’t at the top of their game, then yes, Alex is going to seem very overpowered. It just takes a lot less time and effort to get to a strong level as Alex than with several other characters. Alex has a lot of flaws, at the top of which are his poor mobility and relative difficulty with actually getting in on the opponent. He’s still a damn good character, though, which means that when you’re fighting him, pressing your advantages is hard. Thus it’s no surprise that people who play casually are going to complain about him.