Is Alpha the Hardest Game to play with a Arcade Stick?

Having major trouble with it…

Maybe it’s just the turbo 2…

It’s not hard. Just not as easy as SF4. SF4 is REALLY lenient on your motions, while alpha and ST are strict. Hit me up though I’m lookin’ for people to play alpha 2 or 3 with :smiley:

Yeah I’ve been able to tell these last few days since I can’t even combo to a super on these games lol

I’ve been watching some vids so it seems it’s not always that imporant to do those kind of combos throughout the game, it’s just for punishment.

Anyways, do you play on ggpo? my name is tyricec13 on there

Yah I play on GGPO. ( -SeanxFayt- ) hit me up whenever :smiley: