Is America done in SF5?


Well there you have it, the results of Final Round. Before the tournament there were talks that the Japanese and other asian countries no longer had a head start with the game. In fact, it may be that America had much more playtime opportunity than those asian countries with the game. We even had claims from Mike Ross that said that America looked “nicer” than the international players so far (did he ignore the fact that Tokido had 5-0’d in the grandfinals 5on5?).

The results of Final Round speak for themselves. The top 8 had 5 International players and 3 Americans. Those Americans went 2-12 in games won in the top 8. None of the Americans were present in the top 4.

Why did this happen? We can’t point to the fact that the Japanese/international have the arcade advantage months or years before the game is released in America. I think it is time to concede, the discipline is not adequate to compete at these high levels, regardless of how much more experience they may have against the international scene in a particular game.


America was always done. It’s time for the rise of russia, canada and germany to take the prize. America outdated. WE be taking ovah now.

Evolve or die…make your choice.

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I guess that depends on how those fellas practice, how long they practice and what they’re doing, in practice.


Yeah America is finished. Not only can they not win at home but they can’t even win in Europe either.


Well how about you help out you god damned philistine.


3 of the 5 gods were at final round. When Justin and Ricky take the game seriously and start practicing etc, Murica will be good again. With infil winning the thing it’s more like is Japan done. He looks unstoppable.

Also America has to much of a tradition of footsies IMHO, need to get some stank in their gameplay like the Japanese.

The problem that the traditional Americans are having is they haven’t really learned how to really incorporate dashing into their game, like on Infiltrations level. They are stuck standing still trying to 3s the game down. Need more stinky stuff.


When Trump makes it into office,American SF will be great again!


America does have a tendency of being one step behind when it comes to fighting games.


Done after one tourney, that’d be something!


Give it a rest, jesus.

I played a lot at Final Round (I was up so late I got DQ’d, not saying I would have done anything in the tourney but still). There were a shitload of really really strong players not just from the US, but everywhere. I played Infiltration, Xiaohai, Fuudo, Momochi and god knows who else…mostly lost but I won some. They aren’t invincible. They’re better than me, but let’s not get silly here.


emil has the best posting gimmick.


If someone thinks the US sucks they didn’t watch the games. From what I saw the Asians were a bit ahead but they weren’t dominating at all. I saw many “omgwhitepeople” playing very well.


I didn’t say anything specific about the US skills in an objective way, only in a comparative way.

The point is to ask, what went wrong at Final Round despite the fact that US got the game at the same time as the international players? I’ve noticed in past discussions that Americans were generally very deflective when talking about their results, blaming a variety of things…things that are now not a factor in SF5. What happened?


if justin was playing chun he wouldve beat Haitani


Lack of story mode.


nah, when all the killers have their slots for capcom cup there will be majors with only 1 japanese attending. eventually he will only get second place and america is back where they belong, being the best in the world.


Hi Emil. <3


America has never had the discipline to be the best at SF.


That one tournament pretty much seals it up. A few strong players from a country mean it’s time to just wrap it up. There’s NO WAY that someone from elsewhere on earth might play better. All those players that randomly lost that were strong? Nah they’re losers.


Russia will rise again…

Evolve or die…make your choice.