Is ammy op?

i was playing with a friend of mine against his team, and its pretty solid, Ammy-with the assist that gives you meter, sent with sent force, and dormamu with black hole, and when is was in the corner, ammy plus those two assist were like strider doom man,i was advance guarding and could not escape, maybe im doing something wrong but that dog is pretty good imo.She gives like 20 bites in a second and i was running mags, and i never ,never could win her a hit.Ammy has like crazy priority,i think she has more than zero.Well hope you can give me some strategies against that rabid dog, and what punishes her.Btw both of ammys hyper combos are totally op.



the dreaded loom of the thread lock draws near… I can hear the bells toll LOLOLOLOLOL

no the dog isn’t op.

800,000 stamina, no speed increase in x-factor, lower strength increase than most characters in x-factor and 3 stances to manage… She’s just op in the “fun to play” catagory

The dog’s c.L is one of the quickest in the game, and s.M has a lot of active frames. Don’t go and stick random stuff out unless you want to draw back a nub.

that is what i am saying, the dog has a lot of priority really , a lot.Sh spamming its really annoying.if you advance guard the dog advances with each hit , and ammy is a god damn midget, half of the hyper combos pass above.

lol two good normals does not make a character OP

Well that didn’t take long, why is it that once people discover a solid character, they immediately assume they are op? Ammy is solid, incredibly solid, I would argue she is one of the top 5 characters in this game. But op she is not, she takes damage like a bitch(see what i did there?) and doesn’t do too much in return.

Is Amaterasu good? In the right hands, yes.

Is she OP? Not at all.

protip 1 and 2:

  1. assists are op, less so are the characters that are wielding the assists. justins “awesome” wolverine wasnt because of how good wolverine is, it was because of how good akumas assist is and justins use of that assist. watch the games he played and watch how often he would dash and BLOCK while calling out that assist… that isnt using wolverine, thats using akuma.

  2. pushblock ammys st.m LATE if they are spamming that move. if you pushblock it early it will still have forward momentum in some of its active frames allowing her to get closer even though you pushblocked it. if you pushblock it late though, all her forward momentum will be gone and she will be pushed back ALOT further, giving you a chance to mount an offense or super jump out of that corner that you are quivering in.


Whats broken about her?

She has piss easy combos, but they don’t do hella more damage then any other character.
Her supers are both pretty good, but thats it. No damage on Shuffle tbh, and slowdown is just good. Level three is straight up standard.

Imo, Beads R BAD lol, and her other 2 are pretty much the same.

FWD M is pretty good, but not near as good as Zeros F H lol.

solid character, solid tools, great normals, decent supers, garbage health. Seems balanced to me? What exactly is OP about her?

PS. If you get caught in the corner with any character with decent normals with good assist ( Dante, Sent, Ammy, Doom) its fucking rough, its not ammy specific.

I beg to differ about her combos being easy, I think she has one of the steepest learning curves out of all the characters but one of the most rewarding. I’m pretty sure I just suck but I struggle with combos were you switch weapons to her Glaive. She’s beatable so definitely not op just be a man and stop complaining about it


to all those having made or are trying to make constructive responses to a post like OP’s. Cryoh, RadRed, and Dime_x are all correct. That is all.

I believe the point is yes, if you want absolutely optimal combos she’s got a steep learning curve, but standard shield combos are piss easy and still do good damage

I wouldn’t say Ammy is OP, just yet… Ammy is just… more annoying to deal with than most of the cast.

there should be like a general rule in every character forum: whoever makes a “Is X OP/Cheap/Imba/whatever the fuk?” thread gets banned 3 months from srk… that would be pretty nice i believe…

The dash attack is annoying even when push blocking not to mention it’s easy to spam assist so that could be a really long chip damage loop. Sorta like Tron Boone. The super covers the entire screen with no real way to punish so that ticks me off as well. Wouldn’t say the cheapest, but still cheap.

This is what happens when people dont play fighting games that seriously get put under some kind of real stressful sitaution. Everything looks broke. LOL.

I’d like to fight a good Ammy. She’ll probably take a while to figure out because of all of her tools. From what I saw of her at Winter Brawl if u know how to do a long combo at all she pretty much dies.