Is an arcade stick necessary?

Thinking of buying it and need advice, ive been playing tekken alot lately and havnt really needed one. But i have played this game in the past with a pad and most of my move execution was off, is this just me sucking or do i really need to invest in a stick if im going to get this game?

Considering that there are some top players that play with a pad you can’t say it’s absolutely needed. In my case it made a lot of difference, my execution still sucks but there are lots of things I can do now that I couldn’t even come close to on a pad.

Some characters, Carl, Arakune and to some extent Lichii are also very difficult to play on a pad because they more or less requires access to all buttons at the same time. Controlling the doll at the same time as you make normal attacks for example.

You don’t NEED a stick; Eventually, you will may reach a level where you will WANT to use a stick, because it’s a more precise form of input, but pad will probably serve you fine for a long time. On the other hand, learning it all on stick now means you don’t have to relearn it later if you decide to switch, and if you plan on ever going to a tournament (and I would advise you to do so) then pad is probably a bad choice because you may find yourself attending a tourney for whatever system you don’t play on, and the pad will be different as a result.

A normal pad is pretty good for BlazBlue in general…

…except the Challenge mode…

It most certainly isn’t. You should watch some of Fanatiq’s and Wolfkrone’s match’s for proof. Stick to what you’re comfortable with. Good luck.



It most certainly isn’t. You should watch some of Fanatiq’s and Wolfkrone’s match’s for proof. Stick to what you’re comfortable with. Good luck.



Sad thing is that some characters are easier to play on a stick than pad. I’m not saying some characters are worse or impossible to master because of this but just that some of the inputs are seriously handicapped by thumb control. Not astrals or DD but normal inputs like Bang’s j.4C and Hakumen’s j.2A. You can execute them well alone but in a combo they are awfully hard half the time. 360’s pad wanky D-pad doesn’t help either.

In a nutshell, get a stick only when you’ve played for a good time and still don’t get along with certain aspects of the game.

I do understand that, but that’s an issue with the 360 pad compared to anything else. Take myself for example, I could do tiger knees and specials into supers easy with the 360 pad, came to stick…and I had to relearn, as the pad made it easy for me to do certain things, but harder for other things. I once again feel like it’s a mental thing with stick being easier than pad, I can’t begin to imagine how Krone does all of those things on pad, especially considering that Viper is a very technical character. In conclusion, your own determination can overcome anything…as long as you’re willing to work hard. Nothing good comes easy.

It defiantly is hard to switch from Pad to Stick especially DP motions you basically have to learn all your executions again and learn new muscle memories.

I’m a kof xiii player and started playing the game with a stick. I was having a lot execution problems with the arcade stick so I switched to pad, and I found it better.

I still use a stick for street fighter though. Ideally you shoud have both a good quality stick and a good quality pad.

I think its game specific though. Use whatever feels more comfortable to you.

If you are proficient with a stick (Bear in mind this is >IMO<) A pad will never be better. Stick execution is just a lot better, you can input faster, drop less shit. and it makes jc’ing in BB a breeze.

Just got my stick, Hori Fighting Stick VX from It’s my first stick ever and even though it’s not the easiest stick to mod I think I’ll replace the buttons at some point, even though the stock ones are pretty good to my opinion. Never used authentic Sanwas so can’t say right off the bat.

A few things are easier to do with stick right from the start but it’s been hard for me to pull of some basic moves as well. Like when I’m trying to do Carnage Scissors or Blood Kain sometimes I just end up spamming Dead Spike.

I wen’t straight for the TE and never looked back. You can Mod it like no tomorrow. Almost everything becomes easier with a stick, but be warned.

IF you blick too hard, your Sanwa button will register it as a push. So sensitive it’s unreal.

It’s really a matter of what’s comfortable for you, a stick or a pad. If you know somebody else with a stick, see if you can try theirs out first before you make a decision.

For me, a pad is just more comfortable, but that’s just my opinion due to my own comfort.

Aren’t you the one that always sends rage messages on PSN?

I don’t play PSN for fighters, but I fail to see what this has to do with this thread.

It has nothing to do with the thread. But I just recognised your name from DL talk.

I see. In any case, no, I don’t use PSN for fighters.

This sounds more like you needed to use something other than a Sanwa JLF. I’ve read about quite a few people who switched to a Siemitsu because the JLF is just too damn squishy for the execution required in KoF13. The shorter throw of the LS-56 is quite good.

From what I’ve heard, you might want to know the basics of the game, before moving to a pricey jump to a stick. You don’t really need a stick, it’s what you’re used too that you want. I mean, they’re are some edges of having a stick, so you want to keep that in mind. For now, just get the concept of the game, then know what you’re main is. If your main is like Litchi, you want to make an early jump to a stick. If it’s Noel, just take your time ( money wise) you’re in no hurry. While you train and what not, why not look for deals for sticks, you never know, you might find a good deal :slight_smile: I hope this helps.