Is any else having trouble with grabs against Yun and Yang?

Most of the time when i check on the replay i grab the same time as the opponent who could be Yun or Yang, and their grab most of the time wins.

Regular grab or command grab?

How are you checking that the grab inputs are at the exact same time? And do you mean active at the same time or startup at the same time (makes a huge difference)?

its a regular grab and yes i do input the grab buttons at the same time as the opponent, and active at the same time.

Are you crouch teching or stand teching?

crouch teching

There’s your problem. You don’t want to input crouch tech at the same time your opponent inputs throw. And this is not the same thing as having both your throw and his throw active at the same time.

What’s happening is that when you input your crouch tech, he’s not throwing you yet. He’s in the startup of his throw. Because of this, the game thinks you meant to do cr.LK, since you’re not being thrown yet, so then your cr.LK goes into startup. A few frames later, his throw becomes active, and your cr.LK may or may not be active yet, and his throw wins.

This is a common problem when players first learn to crouch tech. They mash it, thinking one of them has to be timed correctly. But actually, if you time it too early, you’ll still get thrown. You should only early tech if you suspect a late frame trap or maybe a late throw so that your cr.LK can come out freely and not get thrown out of or counterhitted.

perfect explanation.