Is anybody else attending PAX? (Penny Arcade Expo)

Eh? I’ve gone each year except last year… This year my good buddy simultaneously just turned 21 so we’re turning it into a weekend extravangaza of drunken video games and shit. Should be going all three days… Anybody else going at all?

Don’t know.

Never been to one of those things.

I worked at Lanwerx in Silverdale when the first PAX was held. Lanwerx was hosting the PC game tournaments that year and I got in for free. I was not impressed at all. Maybe because it was just the first year they had it, but I didn’t like being there. It was kinda eh. shrug

I went today after work and will be going tomorrow after work. Sunday I’ll be there all day.

I enjoy it. Went to the past 2.

Gotta bring your DS, though. Didn’t see a single PSP tonight. Sucks. Wanted to own some fools up in Tekken and Puzzle Quest. Lotta DS multi-player Mario Kart, Mario Bros, Tetris, Meteos action to be had. Got to play Bleach for the first time. Meh. It’s a fighter, though.

My will is not strong when it comes to not purchasing fighters.

GW has T5.blow and Marvel in the Exhibition Hall (Sumo Lounge), FYI.

Yeah, free play Marvel and T5 is/was cool.

PAX is basically a nintendo fanboi convention.


Why I don’t go.


There’s fanboys of everything there… kinda the point… The biggest hyped thing was the omeganaut contest final round which turned out to be Halo 3.

I’m staff there…

Next time do some homework before offering this excuse for an actual opinion.

I went just to check out the expo for an hour and a half, although in the past I’ve gone all 3 days and entered tournaments. I guess it’s because games don’t consume my free time as much as they used to so I wasn’t as hyped, but still wanted to play unreleased shit (especially Rock Band). What’s sad is that the Marvel cab there was in excellent condition and not being used at all, who provided that?

Gameworks provided the arcade cabinets. Too bad Marvel was hidden behind the T5 machine (which was in pretty bad shape), or else it might’ve gotten more play.

The T5 cab was fine that morning (which means it lasted until Sunday @1pm). I played it for about a half hour, both sides. But yeah, the sticks were abused and the p1 2 button was broken when I ran into you later on that afternoon.

Those cabs were moved from when I dropped them off and set them up.

Whomever moved them (Sumo or an Enforcer) is lucky that things didn’t get broken in the process. GW might have gotten a few new cabs.

And a suggestion: The Console Freeplay line was a joke, man. You gotta have more than one line for an event that draws 37k people.

Spilt that shit into Guitar Hero and Other lines, at least.

That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve read in months on any forum I frequent.


PAX was awesome this year. Can’t wait till PAX08.

Rock Band was awesome. :tup: Is awesome. I like the guitars (& how they play) more than Guitar Hero.

It’s not that simple. There’s a lot of red tape since we have to worry about people walking away with the controllers. Also the guy that runs console freeplay has a lot of issues. I’ve been working console freeplay the last 3 years and I can say that he has some serious communication problems.

Last year was even worse because his system crashed and we actually opened the doors late because of him. He also tends to not communicate or tell other people how to use his databases or systems that he sets up and thinks he can manage everything on his own.

I’m going to be in the expo hall next year because of it. Believe me that complaining about the lines at pax freeplay is like me complaining about the prices of games at gw to you. No offense.

As for that bullshit comment you made stu, you obviously haven’t been to pax or know anything about it. Take that gamefaqs forum crap out of here.

To be fair, Kenneth has one of the hardest jobs from a logistical standpoint. Unlike Console Tourney, he doesn’t get much access to sponsor-provided hardware until I’m done with it. To make matters worse, he got stuck with hosting a massive department inside multiple rooms AND coordinating the disastrous Shadowrun with the PC guys, who were on the 4th floor.

That being said, there did seem to be a lack of solid communication between individual members in Freeplay. They must’ve sent about 50 people who asked about Shadowrun to Console Tourney, even though we had nothing to do with it. They also told attendees that we were running a Halo 2 tourney with, and I quote, “like 60 people!”. Hopefully he gets an easier setup next year.

Zig - Lemme staff next year!
Let’s not have an Evo / PAX conflict again…
Kumoricon this weekend conflicts with PDXLAN as well… oh well, since I’m running the game room at K-con that makes it an easy choice…

As hard as it is, there has to be a better way.

When the line wait is over an hour and 70% of the consoles/TV’s aren’t even being used…

Somethings fucked up.

Much respect for trying to put that shit together, but you gotta admit it didn’t work efficiently.

^We’ve had to switch systems on how we run things every year. Fuck, in 05 all we had was an excel spreadsheet.

Comparatively things went much smoother. If things get a little tweaked here and there it will run even smoother next year.

While I hate to point fingers at individuals, it was basically all on ken (the manager) for assuming he can run the whole thing himself.

Just to be on the same page where you talking to me.