Is anybody else out there a Strider 2 fan (the psx/arcade one)?

I just started playing this game again on mame (I also have it for PSX), and I have to say it is an AMAZING game. The sheer amount of techniques that strider has, coupled with how many hidden patterns/attacks some enemies/bosses have makes it really fun. It truly takes some practice to figure out how to take down the bosses and mid bosses without getting hit. The ranking system is cool too since it goes NOT just up to A rank, but also S, and SS. I even got a STAR rank once in stage 0 on the psx version (though I have no clue how).

Scoring wise I think it is great too… there are just so many ways to get points from the special bonus for not getting hit (300000 each stage), to the hidden items (there are in fact FIVE hidden ones on the first boss the emperor dragon), to the bonus you get from time itself. It just leaves so much room for improvement scorewise that it’s a trip!

What got me motivated to play it a lot was after having to continue 3 times to beat Caduceus (the final boss) I started thinking that there HAD to be some kind of pattern to use to beat him without having to continue and without getting hit. But everywhere that I looked there seemed to be very little to no useful info on Strider 2 at all. Not even on youtube; to date, no one seemed to have done it…

So saved a state at the final boss… amazingly after practicing fighting him about 20 times I have actually found a way to beat him without even getting hit.

So then of course I started wondering, “what else could I find in this game?” What other bosses might have patterns that no one else has noticed? And how many more hidden items can I find? And since then I have been busy at it.

So does anyone else here play this game and know any little tricks on it?

EDIT: A pic of me A ranking the final stage (one life), one hit at the final boss (though I got hit in the stage a few times):

So far the highest I can get in the last stage is an S rank.

Yeah it was cool to me but then I played Osman and I quietly forgot about Strider 2.

Haha, jk. It’s a cool game and I’m wondering what is taking Capcom so long to bring it back on XBLA/PSN/PC/Wii/Whatever. All they need for a Strider 3 is have Strider NES’s open ended world mixed with some balls to the walls Strider stages with Strider 2’s gameplay. Although now after MvC I’d really like to see some of those moves implemented. If all Strider does is run around with his basic slash it would seem too stale.

In the mean time try out Hard Corps Uprising and try out the Sayuri character. She is straight up Strider.

It was okay, but real short. Actually there were some really dope characters in there. I hoped Capcom would consider putting Strider Hien in MvC3 as DLC or something, but they’d probably opt to put in Hiryu.

Furrycurry: yeah I saw the vid, but nothing beats the real thing! :smiley:

Yeah, it would have been better if it was a bit longer, or had some unlockable stuff you could get for just getting a good rank (like devil may cry3). There is actually a pretty good mugen vid of a homemade hien on youtube. Looks pretty cool.

I am still amazed at how much hidden stuff there is in this game though; I just went through stage 2 for a few hours and I found a MASSIVE number of hidden things. I actually took screenshots of each secret, and I might just make a secrets guide for this game.

i like that on the psx collection the strider 2 disc is labelled strider 1

I actually have been playing the game a LOT over the lost few days, and it is a lot of fun. I also figured out a MASSIVE number of things including finding hidden things, figuring out how the bonuses at the end of the stage work, and how to get each rank.

I also tried the psx version; it is COMPLETE trash, compared to the arcade ones. They made some changes to it, that seem minor at first, but upon inspection, totally throw off the way the game is played. To name a few:
[]The psx version’s bosses/mid bosses all have about 1/3 to 1/2 the amount of life of arcade bosses. On max difficulty on the psx they have ALMOST as much life as the ones on difficulty 5 in the arcade (the default us difficulty;You can literally even overpower the lost boss with just a boost at the right time, and take 3/4 of his life with no problem. It makes it so that you can force your way thru the bosses with no skill).
]The special bonus (awarded for not getting hit in a stage) is 1,800,000 on the psx. In the arcade it is only 300,000. So basically while in the arcade you would want to find lots of hidden items, kill enemies, not use boosts, AND not get hit to get an SS rank, in the psx version you can LITERALLY blast thru the stage even using all boosts, and as long as you don’t get hit, and do it quick, you will EASILY get over 4 million, and a star rank (the best rank). Also as you can see getting hit ONCE in a stage now, costs almost 2 million points. So basically if you are going for a high score and get hit once in the game it is RUINED! Where as in the arcade, you can get hit, and with skill make up about 100-200k points of the 300k, so the loss is smaller.
[]The psx version changes some patterns and timings VERY slightly for some areas, so if you mastered the arcade one it throws you off.
]The psx extras SUCK! Hien, is like easy mode for the game, stage 0 is bland (except for the hien fight at the end… great touch), and you can get unlimited boost mode on mame with a cheat
[*]Star rank requires 4 million points and no deaths; in the arcade, this is numerically IMPOSSIBLE in most stages, UNLESS the machine is set to start with at least 6-7 life, and 4 boosts. Then it may be doable (very unlikely that any arcade operator would set it to this) and even then you would have to not get hit, not use boosts, maximize time use by getting points items, killing MANY enemies, very fast, etc.

On the psx, this is why you get 1,800,000 points now for the special bonus instead of 300k; a lazy fix. So all you now need for over 4 mil in a stage is a quick run using boost at the hard parts, and without getting hit (thanks to some new little bugs, not so easy and it’s annoying when it messes you up). :lame:

I may start putting up the info I find under this thread since I don’t have a site. It might be interesting to anyone else out there who plays this game.

I can see myself getting into this game again… they have it in a machine at the arcade in chicago along with strider 1. I had no clue it worked in mame

The record at the arcade right now is 2.95 million points. Does the game continue after you have cleared it?

It runs WAAAAAY better then the psx one with no slow down. But save state at the start of every stage; it does freeze sometimes.

**To start here off: (NOTE: this info is for the ARCADE version for all 3 rom sets, but the PSX should be EXACTLY THE SAME)

RANK:: this is ONLY affected by 2 things:
[]Number of lives lost in a stage

And that is ALL!

The ranks go as follows:
[]E RANK: 0 to 999,999 points
]D rank: 1 million to 1,199,999 points
[]C Rank: 1,200,000 to 1,599,999 points
]B Rank: 1,600,000 to 1,999,999 points
[]A Rank: 2 million to 2,499,999 points
]S rank: 2.5 million to 2,999,999 points
[]SS rank: 3 million to 3,999,999 points
]STAR rank: 4 million points and up

However, every time you lose a life, your rank goes down one. So if you have an SS rank and lose 1 life, you go down to S. If you have a star rank and lose 5 lives, you go from STAR to SS to S to A to B to C rank.

Also if you lose a life, instead of getting 100k points per square of life left, you only get 10k. In other words while getting hit in the arcade version is not a big score lose, DYING IS!

END OF STAGE BONUSES: Here is how the bonuses at the end of the stage work (tested on arcade for all UNLESS listed; to be tested on psx later):

[]Score: how many points you got in the stage as you went through it.
]Time Bonus: every second you spend in the stage depletes the time bonus by 1000 points, UNTIL the timer reaches ten minutes. At that time the bonus is dropped to zero. The bonus starts off at 1 million in each stage, and can go as low as 401k (1000 points per second * 599 seconds; which is 9 minutes and 59 seconds converted to seconds). It will NEVER go to 400k though because as SOON as as it hits 10 minutes, the bonus changes to zero.
[]Life Bonus: 100k points per green square of life if you did NOT lose a life; if you lose 1 or more lives, it is only 10k points per green square of life.
]Item Bonus: you get 100k points for each boost unused. For every small blue coin you collect you get 1000 points added on here; the medium blue coins (worth 500 points) each add 5000 points; the huge ones (worth 10k points) add 20k points each here. And that is all; all life power ups, swords, hidden icons (cow, star, etc.), and ANY RED COINS do NOT give ANY POINTS HERE!
[*]Special Bonus: if you do not die in a stage you get 300k points; on the psx this was increased to 1.8 MILLION points!

Here are the values of all hidden items, and a few other useful things too:

[]Small blue coin: 100 points
]Medium Blue Coin: 500 points
[*]Large Blue Coin: 10k points

[]Slashing something (includes F, F Slash move): 100 points
]Sword Power up projectile hits something: 200 points
[]Savage Slash something: 300 points
]Boost Wave hits something: 500 points

[]Red Coin: 1000-5000 points (generally 5000)
]Barrel: 2000 points
[]Son Son (red monkey): 10k points
]Star: 20K points
[]Spaceman: 30k points
]Yaschichi: 50k points
[*]Grab a sword, life, or life max up power up when not needed : 5000 points

While it seems to most that the best way to get a high score is to run through a stage as fast as possible, get as many hidden points items as possible, and do not get hit, THIS IS NOT TRUE!. In truth, the best way is to not get hit, not use boost, get thru the stage in under 10 minutes, get as many hidden items worth 5k and up as you can, AND kill most enemies you come across when it can be done quickly. The reason is simple:

1 second=1000 points

The weakest enemy in the game that drops a blue coin (the little robots in stage 1) takes 1 hit, is worth 100 points and drops 1-2 blue coins. So if he was slashed and drop 1 coin that is 100+100+100+1000 (end of the stage) which is 1300.

So if you saw 3 of them and could kill them in 2 seconds (very easy to do) you would get a total of 3900 points which is 1450 points a second! And keep in mind, most enemies are worth more than 100 to kill and if they drop a SINGLE medium coin, that is 500+5000 (item bonus).

This also means that all small those enemies that do NOT drop blue coins (the skulls dullahan forms, the mines in stage 4, etc) are not even worth taking time killing. The same thing for those of you who like to attack the head of the second dragon when fighting Hien; you are throwing away points since it cannot be killed and you cannot do 1000 points worth of damage in a second except with a boost… and that is throwing away 100k that you will not recoup by using it.

…now cadeucus (the last boss) “limbs” are a different story; they are each worth 5000 points when knocked out (!) and it only takes 3 hits to do so. Also the ones that grandmaster creates are worth 5000, 8000 (lightning fish) and 10k (the fire one) if killed + the coins they drop. These you DEFINITELY want to kill since they give HUGE bonuses.

As for hidden items, since a barrel is worth only 2000, if it takes more than a second to get, it is not worth getting. Even slashing and grabbing it takes more than a second, so the only time I can think of it being worth grabbing this is in stage 1 where there are 2 of them, right above each other. Otherwise, I just ignore them.

I also kill ANY red enemies I see; since they can drop an item worth 5000 (including sword power up), 30000, or even 100k (a boost item).

I have been taking screen shots of every hidden item that I found in the stages (it is easier than putting it into words) but I am still working on this. I will be putting this info up in the next few days for anyone one who wants to find them too. There are 5 hidden ones alone in the 1st boss fight with the emporor dragon (a cow, a sonson, a barrel, a spaceman, and a yashichi).