Is anybody going to be repping Megaman at Evo2k3?

Just wondering, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it this year. I’ve been to b5 and Evo2k2, both times always had Megaman on my teams. If so, good luck to you guys. If I do happen to go, we all should find each other some how and say whats up.

I play a passable MegaMan/x/Sentinel, and ~might~ pick him as my money team if I can figure out the right middle character (presumably Cable or Silver Samurai at this point). I’ll be low-tierin’ regardless if I make it to Evo2k3 (plan right now is to go). I’d love to have a low tier sub-competition. :slight_smile:

Favorite recent MegaMan moment - faced Sent/CapCom, he assists w/CapCom, MM blocks and then while Sentinel just sits there (?), MM goes cLK,cMK,cRK,Tornado Hold, repeat x3 for half of CapCom’s life. Eventually he wised up and RP-d poor MegaMan, but it had the people in the arcade laughing.

Cool, I might actually be able to go. Keep a lookout for Megaman/Servebot/Tron :evil: :evil: :evil:

I wanna go to to rep him, but my ass is broke, and I ain’t got the patience to get my ass to cali and back

Man megaman is a slut. I hate that guy. Viper beams shut his bitch ass up quick.

Man, don’t get it twisted. Mega Man does not suck. He may not be no Cable but that doesn’t mean can’t do anything. He is more than just a “filling the screen with blue busters” character. Roll is the one actually really sucks. She is such a ghetto version of Mega Man and can’t do nearly half the things Mega Man can. Hell, if I could afford it, I would be going to Evo2k3 to rep Mega Man with my MM/Storm/Sent or MM/Doom/BH teams just to see how far I would get but if there are some going there to rep him as well, that’s good enough for me to wait until the dvd comes out so I can watch.

ill be reppin mega, ill be using Mega/Iron/Cable and if i lose ill switch to Mega/Cable/CapCom

That’s what I’m talking about. More power to you, Mega. I just need to learn how to fight against Sentinel and Cable and I would probably do alright but those two are my worst match-ups to try and win with Mega Man on point. Good luck.:slight_smile:

And speaking of which, I need someone (or someone who know a person that can make one) make me a tight-lookin’ Higher Mega Man avatar. Anyone interested? STE, perhaps??:confused:

i dont need to worry about those 2(unless the person using them is really really really good) my cable and iron man got that work

haha the av im using i made it myself using “paint” thats why the letters are all retarded:lol: (btw i came up with "higher mega-man…kinda:o )

Megaman can beat Cable, but you have to be real patient, or you eat AHVB’s. Fighting Sent is the same way, gotta be patient.

Fav teams:


Reppin Megaman/Sentinel/BBHood. :cool:

Mega Man/Cable/Sentinel is definitely my favorite Mega Man team. Patience is definitely a virtue when playing against Sentinel and Cable. I just need to know something. Is it better to use the Tornado Hold or use the Rockball trap when playing against Cable or Sentinel? Which is better because I’ve been trying to use both and still have problems.

Mega Surge, I was thinking someone would think about bringing in the higher Mega Man sometime soon since Higher Magneto was being posted everywhere. Glad to see you “kinda” started it. Now I want to join the trend of the highers with a “Higher Mega Man”. Is anyone still interested and making me a “Higher Mega Man” avatar yet? Let me know.

It depends on what you are fighting against. Against anykind of Cable keep away team I say tornado hold is better because you’ll get rid of Doom, BH, Sent assists. Against a rushdown team, or runaway Storm, or Sent on point, rockball works better for me, it breaks up their rushdown/runaway patterns.

why dont u just use mine:D , all of us megaman players should use my av

ah… megaman users…

i wanna go to evo to use my mega-teams…

team blue… megaman/cable/capcom
team gold… megaman/storm/capcom
team black… megaman/sentinel/capcom
team green… megaman/doom/cammy

and team blackballed… megaman/sentinel/blackheart

Ranma’s MST > Team L.J.

I’m sorry, but I been really busy lately, I won’t promise you anything , but tell me anything specific you want on your Av and if I get the time I will try to get to it.

yeah someone should make an official av for us higher mega-man users to use:D

I’m out of Evo. They didn’t get the schedule up in time, so I couldn’t get my plane ticket early. :frowning:

And I really wanted to give it one last hurrah in MvC 2


Thats sucks. At first I didn’t even wanna go to Evo, I do got he $$$. but its mad late now. I’m getting my ass out there for sure next year.