Is anyone able to play network battle in european countries on PSN?


I just literally keep searching NA players and couldn’t find any EU players.
I am just wondering is the server down?

I cant find any EU players ON PSN

same here…


hey mm…food?
R u able to play now?


no, i still couldn’t find any eu player.


mm…food? Where did u buy your ps3 and SSFIV: AE?
cause i bought it in asain countries.


region 1, usa i believe. I think it has something to do with new update version 1.07, my all friends still have 1.06 ver and i have been updated to 1.07 already somehow…


i think that i had also updated and maybe cannot play after that.
where can i check the version


ya, im using 1.07 version


I have been contacting capcom, so as soon as i get the solution, i will let you know.




hey, whats ur psn, maybe we can play a few match b4 that xD