Is anyone available to help me test my blog right now

I just made a post on my new blog but it’s not functioning properly.

it’s 7am here and no one’s awake to help me test the buttons (Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit) or the commenting. Someone earlier submitted a comment but it didnt seem to process. of course when i test it myself, it works… that simply doesn’t help lol

Again, you don’t have to read the content. I dont care about that stuff right now. I just want to test the functionality of the above buttons (if you have an account on those sites) and most importantly, the commenting.

Please PM me if it doesn’t work. Or facebook me (

Mods: did i put this in the right forum? Please move to the proper one if i didn’t.

Thanks in advance, everyone.

i would test it out but im a bit faded. c-royd come to denjin its been a while :smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin:

yeah man it’s almost been a year since I left Socal… =(

you coulda just AIM’d me that. Dont get off topic! im trying to learn how to blog properly

You can aim me anytime (I am a web developer) :lovin:

I can look at it tomorrow