Is anyone else a fan of 70s Blaxploitation films?


As someone born in the 70s (hella later 70s), I really enjoy movies and shows from that decade I barely missed. Anyway, I’m a big 70s movie buff, and I actually went through the entire Blaxploitation catalog on Netflix in a few short months. I also have gotten into collecting some DVDs and Blurays, but it’s hard to justify when you can watch almost anything on the internet or Netflix. Some of my favorite are…

Scream Blackula Scream
Willie Dynamite
Hell Up In Harlem
Velvet Smooth (recommended for film students)
Monkey Hustle (just love the soundtrack)

I have others, but those are my favorite. And velvet smooth is so worth checking out, its too bad ass. Any other SRKers fan of the 70s?




I’m surprised to see D’uville Martin play a sidekick. He usually plays some uncle time psuedo villan. Or second in command to some master villian. He pretty much played uncle Tom black guy for main villain in Dolemite, Sheeba Baby, and in Black Hand Side (playing the closest thing to a villain by being a cosigner for the father who was the villain like character). Odd to see him play second in command to a protagonist. Oddly I’ve never seen Boss Nigger, despite being considered one of the more pivotal blaxploitation movies.


btw, here is a clip of Velvet Smooth



I guess not


Anyway here here are a few more trailers:



Abar: The first black superman (not a real trailer, but the movie is hella funny. Dat acting!)



This was not Blaxploitation, but its a women prison movie. Women prison movies were an excuse to show off tits in ass in the 70s for the most part. And the prison escape plot devices were pretty over the top:



You’re asking for fans of 70’s boxawhats?


Well, some of you younger members may not know. Blaxploitation movies meant “Black Exploitation”. Anyway, these movies starting poping lup in the early 70s (I think 70 or 71). They were the black communities response to the civil rights movement that had just ended in the 60s. The movies generally had a pretty common formula in which you have a damn near invicible black street smart protagonist versus some racist greedy white people. The thing that makes these movies so classic is that a ton of plot elements are over the top are flat out forced. Blaxploitation movies are notorious for either bad acting or bad scripts. Sometimes you could actually get a decent blaxploitation movies, but many were just over the top social commentary. Still the movies are fun, despite being really cheesy (especially by today standards) they are all pretty bad ass. Of course not every movie back then was socially concious.

Also Blaxploitation movies also launched the career of many many black actors. Almost any black actor from the 70s started in Blaxploitation movies like Redd Fox, Richard Pryor, even Bill Cosby. This is because in Hollywood at the time, many studios didn’t really have black people in roles beyond servants or help (with very few exceptions). So tons of young black film directors made a lot of independent films. Quality varies tons, movies like Black Fist have low budgets, but there were some big budget ones like Across 110th Street and Shaft. Its been said that this genre saved Hollywood because a lot of whites and other races ALSO liked this genre and supported it.


Oh, I think I’ve seen one or two of these. There was also a parody made recently, wasn’t there… Black Thunder? No… Black Dynamite? Anyway, it was funny. I might check some of these out.


Yes the name of the movie was Black Dynamite. It was meant to spoof not only blaxploitation movies but the general 70s culture. As evidenced by the anaconda malt liqour ads (Schlitz Malt Liqour Bull had similar ads in the 70s)


Yea I missed out for the most part. My mom liked the Cleopatra Jones movie. Didn’t know Tamara Dobson was a Baltimore native.




I liked anything Pam Grier was in. For obvious reasons.