Is anyone else having to buffer DP like crazy lately?



I don’t know what it is, but I’ve just been losing to a lot of jump-ins lately. So naturally, I decided to literally buffer the DP every second of the match and inter-mingle it with a hodouken now and then along with a low-foward (cr. Mk). I’ve never had to buffer so much before. Usually, I can just focus on one thing at a time but lately I’ve just had to do this sort of crazy dance thing with Ryu. And sure, it works! But damn does it take a lot of mental strength out of me. I’ve recently watched some of Daigo’s matches in the latest Topanga league tournament, and I’ve seen him dancing around sort too almost like he’s buffering as well. Is this what Ryu players are supposed to do if they can’t DP on reaction 100%? What are your thoughts on this?


Lol, welcome to ryu lvl2. Nobody can dp everything on reaction, otherwise there would be more ryu players. Here’s a tip, mastering lvl2 involves the glory of negative edges to stay safe, create traps and OS…

PS: nice hedgehog avi…


I buffer all the time. It’s not really for normal jump ins, though. I buffer to dp stuff like jag kick or quick dive kicks or U1 through fireballs. Only way you can react to that stuff is to be ready and only have to press a button/buttons. You’re still countering with dp on reaction, though.