Is anyone else taking advantage of the Bing search bar for free Xbox live points?


I’m just wondering if anyone else is taking advantage of this? I personalty use chrome as my normal browser and don’t normally touch IE, but every night before I hit the hay I do twenty random searches on IE through the Bing search bar (have to register and install) to get my 10 Bing points. There is also a random search of the day for the additional 3 points so a total of 13 per day and sometimes they have other search offers that will give you up to 25 extra points. Then after a month or so I cash in to get a 400 xbox 360 points card for 500 bing search points.Bing emails your the MS point card code in 2-3 days.
Sure its not a lot but it adds up and all in all it takes about 2 minutes or less. I do completely random auto-fill with the searches as fast as possible and close her out. You really cant beat it. I generally type a letter it pulls up random words and I keep clicking random word and its done in a flash.
Boom! spidys gots some brand new threads fo free!
I think you also get 250 points for signing up still so you’ll be half way to 500 from the get. You can also spend your points on other goodies too

I in no way condone using IE or bing but I do condone getting free stuff.

Side-Note: make sure when you have MS points in your account not to anciently have you hrap or other turbo device pluged in while you 360 is in dashboard. My Hrap went on a spending spree buying random shit like Ms splosion man!?!?! I didn’t even know what the hell that was damn worthless turbo switches!!


LOL about the HRAP. Anyway, that’s a nice find. Time to start binging and IE’ing(eww) I guess.


Not for Canadians. :frowning:


yeah I could not figure out why I was missing points then I looked on the harddrive and boom Ms. splosion man?!?! I figured out it was the hrap cause it almost happened again but I didn’t have enough points thankfully. The have those stupid featured new games on the front page of the dashboard and if you turbo switch engaged it will purchase away its really easy to happen with the old Hrap’s

Its not too bad I dont like IE either I only use it to get the points its nice to get free stuff

if you could register in the states it might could work


neat thread and



maybe ill actually buy the costume packs, in 3 months rofl, thanks


Toolbars are dumb.

No amount of free shit is going to get me to use any sort of toolbar on my browser.


it takes like a month for 400 points 3 months not even close

I don’t like toolbars either, I stick to chrome but whats a small download for a browser that already included on Windows based PC’s



Also, I prefer to think IE doesn’t exist. I’ve even unpinned it from my taskbar.


IE only exist to download google chrome or firefox.


Got my first 32 points. Only a ton more to go. I’m going for a gift card of sorts. Any suggestions? I could get some MS points I guess, but I don’t know what I’d do with them.


damn they don’t give 250 for signing up anymore that stinks I guess you could go for amazon gc they sell pretty much everything at a decent price, but getting one of those is going to take a hot minute


i did this a long time ago. never got my points. never used bing again.


PRO-TIP: Avoid IE, use install Chrome, login to bing, and set bing as your default search engine. You’re welcome.

And I got a free month of Live in october when they set that up on discount for 400 points.


No amount of free ms shit is going to get me to use windows.

linux ftw

also, bing is fucking terrible. dont use it


But you have GFWL? Does that mean you have SF working under WINE?


The only reason I touch Bing is for the points you don’t get any bonus unless you use it in IE


no, I do actually use windows occasionally, I was just being a dick. Typically though, im on my laptop in linux


Linux is nice, but I need to live a life, and for me, that life uses Windows. If I could get any software to work on any OS, it would be Linux for me(assuming good drivers existed for my hardware).

I do however, experiment quite a bit with linux by way of VM’s and the like. Never have compiled a full OS(may start doing so with Android builds though) or built one from scratch, but I’ve done a lot with the DIY distro’s.


I just learned that there are 2 costume packs totaling 36$, which is more than i paid for the game…what the hell capcom