Is anyone feeling S groove Bison?



Ive been using him and he’s very annoying. I can tell by my opponent that he’s frustrating to fight…:evil:


Yeah Eddie I use him all the time…He’s too sick…We all share hella strats in my S thread in strats…Ask Peachy…I played his S Bison before it’s not bad…



True or False:
Bison’s Lv1 Knee Press Nightmare is unpunishable.


peter ong OTG’ED me with s groove bison one day… that was the only time i was otg’ed and that pretty much gave me the impression that s groove bison has some shit going for him so i picked up sakura ,ryu, cammy , r2bison s groove… s groove ryu and cammy is the ultimate rush down!!!:evil:

I noticed some characters dodge has different timings and stuff. bison and sakura’s dodge seems to be easy to repeatly do. I dodged sonic hurricane LOL

his knee press is unpunishable. u can play some crazy mind games with it. U can repeat or dodge/punch cancel. I don’t know if a sonic hurricane would punish him, but how often do u fight guile?? and maybe watch out for n groove counter roll…


I use S groove bison and N, C. I’ve played against other S groove players, but i saw arturo play s groove sometimes. As far as Bison is concerned he is all about distance. S groove bison can dodge a RC, and any other attack, the key to a good bison is to dodge attacks at a good distance so u can punish your attacker with standing forward or standing roundhouse. If you’re a little close u can even do psycho crusher or low forward to scissor kick. The flaws with novice s groove players is dodging too much. With bison his dodge is very fast and “cool looking” :cool: so don’t overdo it. You can confuse your opponent with dodging. Another thing also is to use low forward, standing roundhouse, and even jump roundhouse sometimes because of the very high priorites and always dodge if you are away from the other opponents throwing distance. And if they turtle up THROW!! THROW THROW! You can even rush with S Bison. For example:

Opponent is almost in corner: You run cancel with low jabX3 or 4 then standing short. (they’ll try to retaliate here) this is when u dodge. then u can let them eat it. :lol:

Feel free to ask me more questions. This is stuff done by high caliber players that i’ve picked up so don’t post and say “that’s weak or doesnt work” cuz it does.


i use s groove bison as rushdown… since s groove doesn’t rely on supers i go for the knockdown. dodge attack, scissors kick, etc. once i get knock down its all about mindgames and u can do some mad damage:cool:


That’s true, Eddie’s S-Bison is a bitch to fight. I’m gonna fuck your Cammy up next time Eddie. Heh, heh just wait. :lol:


:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: