Is anyone getting SamSho V?

Ive already got mine on preorder just wanting to see if anyone else is purchasing it.

It got held back another few weeks :tdown:

But I plan on getting it then.

yeah, like does anyone know when the UK version is coming out? coz im gettin sick of these delays.

anyone in the UK gonna purchase this?

maybe, i heard good stuff on this game :tup:

I’ll pick it up since I kinda know how to play it somewhat…but I’m willing to learn it more…see you guys on live.

yeah i’m picking it up. Because everyone playing Kof2k2/2k3 is going to move to that game when it comes out.

when it comes out, i’ll be on live :smiley:

are you sure? the sells for kof0203 on xbox were pretty sad and kof is liked way more then SS. then again kof0203came to ps2 first unlike SS5.

What kind of stuff?

I’ll definately be picking it up
can’t wait!!! er, well i guess i have to wait, keeps getting pushed back!!

If it ever comes out yeah, I’ll get it.
SNK is famous for keeping delaying release date for their games.

Right now it looks like I’ll get this in 2006. I miss Charlotte… :sad:

looks like it got pushed back another month to december 20th.but im sure it will come out even later

What I don’t understand is why do they keep delaying the game? I mean, SS5 has been out in Japan for over a year.

And as one of the few that bought KoF, I won’t be leaving it for this game…because it’s awful. :tup:

It’s a shame that they’re only making SS5 and not SS5SP. Tenka obvisouly won’t be around for a long time, but it seems dumb to port the original, it’s very broken. Oh well, I guess if you like broken fighting systems, this is the thang for you. I’ll bet you anything they’ll sell it for 50 just like they did for SvC.:rofl:

I really hope this is a budget title, 'cause I want it, but I don’t $50 want it.

…keep dreaming

pushed back again, but it is only 30$

Who says it’s $30? The same people that said it would come out like last year.