Is anyone here spiritual / believe in a spiritual world?


Do any of you all believe in something higher than the physical world, and if so how/does it really influence your behavior all that much? Things such as reincarnation, karma, positive or negative energy that are perhaps conscious entities that could be considered angels and demons. A divine will and personal path for your soul. A God or gods?

Interested in thoughts :stuck_out_tongue:




Why yes, I am spiritual.
I do believe in a higher being.
I do want I want, I’m just a little conscious of it.
I do believe in karma, positive/negative energy, astrology(horoscopes)
I say you take a personal path for your soul and its gods. Jesus himself said that we are gods.


I believe the universe itself is intelligent and is constantly adapting, and that it has a strong subjective component to it (what I mean is that our subjective experience actually changes what the universe is). I guess that’s a “spiritual” thing to think, I really dislike most organized religions though.

I also have a harder time nowadays believing that all of existence is an accident. I used to be a strict scientific atheist like Dawkins, but I’ve come to the realization that knowledge not gained through empirical means isn’t automatically worthless. I think there are things that hard science not only can’t answer right now, but never will answer.

tl;dr I consider myself a pantheist


No, we all only care about hos and money.


Dont believe in GOD.


I might be. What does it feel like?




The only way to find out is by transcending from the physical plane of existence, though faith also helps.


Personally I don’t believe as I find it pointless.


Weed lets you connect to the spirit world whenever you want. Ask Native Americans. :coffee:



What the hell do you be smoking?

The first place that weed connects me to is the refrigerator…


let the spirits guide you


he is confusing his drugs,

It’s peyote people, or Mescaline. Mushrooms also allow this, as does LSD. however the ultimate spirtiutal drug is DMT. the same drug that make’s you dream, gives you the best visions when awake.


I’m with the rest of the world on this one.

I don’t fucking know and I never really will. I find it real hard to believe that nothing collided with nothing and created everything, though. I also find it really hard to follow any one organized religion.


DMT was pretty amazing. Tasted like burning trash though.

Otherwise, short answer is yes to the “spiritual”.


Man I’m sensitive to energy/visions on the piff. Swear I be hugging galactic tigers and shit . Im scared of DMT because with my mind I’ll never stop seeing stuff.

But yes, I fully believe in spirits and always keep an open mind about supernatural shit. With a family from the islands, unexplained things happen. People get hexes and all that good stuff. I also believe that the faiths are all different perspectives of occurrences in the universe. I like to align myself with the christian faith however because it resonates with me the most.


I believe in BasedWorld

On a serious note, I don’t know if there is a spiritual world or not. If there is a God, then he’ll show me. I’m not saying there is a God or there isn’t. I don’t know, but if he exists, I know eventually he/she/it will reveal itself to me.


I believe in something, not really sure what yet… just dont want to think theres nothing after this, otherwise whats the point.


No. Not this again.