Is anyone justified to call T.Hawk cheap?



…because my friends say he is all the time. It really takes away from my enjoyment of using Hawk when they go on complaining about how cheap throws are and that it’s a 50/50 guessing game when I’m crossing them up whether I’ll attack or throw. They say that it’s too easy for him to get big damage.

My only excuse that I tell them is, “Hey, if T.Hawk is so overpowered then how come nobody has ever done well with him in a major tournament.”

So I guess I’m actually looking for advice from you guys about how they can be more competitive against T.Hawk. I tell them to keep him out with footsies but then they complain that his normals are too good. And like I said before, after they have been knocked down is it truly a 50/50 like they are saying? I guess it would be. If they block or try to attack after I cross them up I could SPD or Ultra I, if they try to jump after the cross-up to avoid a throw then I could smack them with a normal as they retreat or even Ultra II.

What can I tell them they should be doing? Are there any other options for them?

The characters they mainly use are:

Friend 1:

Friend 2:


In all honesty, T.Hawk is one of the worst characters in the game. I main him, but it’s true. Yes, when he knocks you down, there is a bit of a guessing game, but the same is true for nearly every other character in the game. Grapplers just depend on it more by nature.

I know it’s been said before, but if they’re seriously complaining that throws are “cheap”, they just need to learn how to get around them. That’s it.


sorry. but Zangief is the cheapest character in the game. 3 throws and your dead.


This is the problem though. I say that to them and then they angrily say, “Oh yeah? HOW!?”

They try to footsie me but T.Hawk has pretty good normals too.


Jumping back and back dash are pretty good against him. He doesn’t have Zangief’s so jumping back can be especially good against him. Not that T. Hawk can’t game for that and compensate accordingly. For instance…Ultra 2 can be useful against players that CONSTANTLY jump back. The best thing on Earth is doing a Condor Spire into your opponent then instantly doing a psychic Ultra 2 becasue you KNOW that your opponent is going to jump back. Of course doing this may lead to more complaining of cheapness from your friends. Damn friends!

But honestly, it’s not YOUR job to teach your friends how to play against T. Hawk. It sounds like your friends are suffering from a bit of “learned helplessness.” It’s a lot easier to complain about a character than it is to learn a match up, but this is especially funny because T. Hawk is not considered anywhere near high-tier. It’s also much easier to blame a character than to admit that a friend is just better than you at the game.


No way is T. Hawk cheap. I think your friends just need to practice more.


You don’t have to do their homework.

Whining about a low tier character being cheap = scrubbish talk. Tell them to shut the fuck up and learn the matchup.

If they all use different characters, tell them to get a main and stick to it.
None of those characters have weak footsies. They can all keep T.Hawk away from a sweep distance (avoiding whiffed spire setups, and punishing dives).

They’re just weak players. Punch their teeth in next time they whine.
And when you do it, scream CONDOR PAAAAAAAAWNCH!


I like how you guys think. I probably should just tell them to suck it up…

But they are my only regular competition. So I feel kind of obligated to not piss them off or I will have no one to play with. That’s why I’m looking for their solutions for them I guess. That and I’m tired of them complaining at me and ruining my fun.


since they are the majority of your competition i would help them some. give them some tactics to start implementing against you so that you can all get better. just continuing to own your buddy does nothing for either of you.

you are just outplaying them. I think the only matchup you listed that is actually in hawk’s favor is against adon cause ruins his shit and you can punish a lot of things with spd. ken’s ambiguous jump ins on your wake up are some of the nastiest in the game (j.fierce for fake cross up, air tatsu to hit on either side, etc). if you keep dunking them then they need to either stop dropping their combos, tighten up block strings, or learn to backdash bait and neutral jump (adon’s nj.rh is a crazy good move against t.hawk cause the hitbox extends so far down even though adon is way up in the air).bison’s lk scissor kick pressure isn’t punishable when spaced correctly so bison can seriously lock hawk down in the corner and hawk has to be super patient about it. if you are winning on the ground game with footsies, tell them to start trying to counterpoke or to go into training mode and figure out what their characters have that beats the normals you put out the most.


I think I may get them to read the responses on this thread so far.
Thanks guys. If anyone has any other words of wisdom by all means post them.


your friends are terrible. especially the ken i had to play.


Haha, oh you remember him huh?
I think I’ve gotten over my block of not being able to beat him from the amount he’s been complaining. He still beats me 50% of the time, so I don’t know what the big deal is.


Hey Guys, I’m Friend #1 that Humpski listed in his original post (Also known as the Horrible Ken player, as referenced by the charming grid man above).

While I’m well aware that T.Hawk has his short comings, he also seems to have some areas where he is unbelievably good. As I primarily play as Cody, I generally don’t have a whole lot of trouble keeping him out. However, it largely seems that once he does knock me down, the match is basically over. If Humpski chooses to cross up, I’m stuck blocking (he times them well enough so that I cannot dash, Kudos for that by the way), after the blocked cross up, I’m forced to choose between a low attack into a DP, or a throw. And while I realize that alot of characters have this option, It doesn’t usually amount to 250 damage or more. And after leading an entire match simply to lose to a 50 - 50 guessing game, the tactics do begin to feel a bit cheap. Especially when you add in the fact that those throws can be replaced with a super or ultra. This is the main problem I have with T.Hawks game.

I would like to conclude by pointing out that Humpski was not asked to make this thread for us, nor do we make him “Do our homework” for us. But any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hellooo, Humpski’s brother, AKA friend number 2 here… .
Well, I was all ready to type up something explaining my situation, but Bubbles seems to have basically said everything there is to say!
I’ll be watching this thread, though. And yes, I do complain, but a lot of people complain… Humpski is even known to complain, so stuff it, Matt!


Yes but I was compelled to because you guys weren’t helping yourselves out by seeking out new strategies.
I thought I’d look for your solutions for you so you could stop rippin’ on T.Hawk as a character.


in regards to hawks ambiguous splash, that shit is dope. i use it all the time. however, there are some characters that can beat it every single time by auto correcting a hit invincible reversal uppercut. the only character that i know FOR SURE can do this is guy, with EX tatsu. ambiguous splash does not ever work on guy if he has meter and knows how to autocorrect. but as ken, you might wanna work on your auto correcting EX shoryu. i think that should win every time no matter what the timing of the splash is. i could be wrong though, since ambiguous splash does beat out regular reversal uppercuts from shotos, even though they’re supposed to be invincible. go figure

since you guys seem to play a lot together, really the most beneficial thing to do is to learn some yomi. don’t think of it as a “50/50” because it isn’t if you know the guy you’re playing against. don’t try to guess, try to predict. neutral jump fucks up any grab attempt because you can punish on the way down into a combo. as hawk, i like to dp neutral jumps, and if he starts doing that you can back dash. back dash can’t really punish grabs that well, but they’ll avoid grabs and uppercuts. so yeah, you can think of it as a rock-paper-scissors guessing game, but even in rock paper scissors patterns make themselves apparent, and you can take advantage of that. YOMI dawgs!


I agree that T.Hawk can be frustrating especially when you eat a command throw and take huge damage but the more I fought him the more I learned that I was putting myself in alot of bad situations vs him. Whenever I fight hawk now I rely on pokes or small bnb combos it’s basically to me a fight about getting in, hitting a 2-3 hit bnb such as crmp xx Soul Scarf (I play rose), zoning, and then waiting for my next chance to get in. I find that if I try to pressure him on wakeup it can be extremely dangerous. Tell your friends to work on being patient and aware of your options when they’re going on the offensive.


Well you know you could always try and find more comp. here on srk myself included…if u ever want to spar man hit me up on xbl. And trust me i dont complain just love to learn and have a good time.


I’m slowly starting to realize that there are ways around T. Hawks throws, but there are still certain situations where I feel like I have no choice but to choose between jumping and blocking, and if I choose wrong… It’s lights out for Adon!

I’d love to have some matches with any of you guys, I won’t be able to play online until after the 10th of this month, though. My internet is pretty much unusable right now, for Street Fighter at least, and we’re upgrading soon! If anyone wants to play (I use mostly Adon, trying to get into Fei-Long) my gamertag is hellotherekyle


Bubbles, Kyle. The best advice I can give you is this:

sonic hurricane dot com Grappler Training