Is anyone playing "Battle Fantasia"?

A friend of mine called me from Japan and said he is loving a new fighter called Battle Fantasia. I have never heard of it, so I looked it up and found this:

Any of you play it yet, and if so, how is it? I plan on visiting Japan when I leave from here (Iraq) and might want to try it out…

A 2.D game that looks like it did a good job keeping 2d style gameplay with 3d characters.

I wish other fighting games would seriously manage to get that sort of concept right.

Some of the reports of early ‘bullshit’ has me cringining a little (like that little dude with a big hat, aka STOP MAKING SMALL FUCKING CHARACTERS) but I’d still really like to play it.


im all for traditional fighters and stuff but battle fantasia just looks really borin 87/

For OP

Watson being small has nothing to do with him being good. He’s so good because he’s basically like throwing Millia into Super Turbo.

Also he’s not top tier, he’s just ‘really good’. And his downside is that if he can’t get pressure started, he can’t do jack shit, and he dies extremely fast.

Every character has some bullshit to them. Ashley has unblockable crossup/mixups, Watson has the nearly inescapable/unblockable pressure setups when leveled up, Donvalve has the ST Zangief style throw mixups and takes FOREVER to kill, Freed has Alpha style custom combos, Marco is short and has good pokes and has safe and strong mixups with his dragon, Coyori has silly good rushdown mixups and long combos, Olivia has Tengu Birds, Cedrick has good pressure and insane damage off random pokes, and it goes on from there.

I agree 100000000% with you. Choi and servbot come to my mind…

I personally think Odile is better than watson. From what I can remember, she almost seems to be like 2k2 athena with her stupid projectile~teleport pressure game. Really good normals and a horrendously easy drill attack cancel into super.

At first I thought the game looked boring, and then I went to Japan and now it’s my favorite 2-d fighting game atm. I noticed a few things from what I played of it:

-Odile is played A LOT. Seems to be most popular character.
-Death Bringer seems to get completely owned by Urs because a vast majority of DB’s attacks/specials can get punished by Urs’s barge attack on block.
-Marcos heat up is stupidly good.
-DB is the king of links
-The last boss is impossible to beat or I just don’t know the trick to it

already a battle fantasia thread. been around for months. search a little better.