Is anyone playing Mika on a pad?

I’m playing on a Hori FC, and the mp > hp > CA combo is really frustrating to pull off, especially from the left side. It’s easiest on a keyboard, on stick a bit harder but still easier than my pad.

I’m using a xbox 360 wireless pad and it works just fine for me.

I was playing Mika on the new Hori Fighting Commander for a while due to some repetitive motion issues with my right hand. About the only problem I had was that when switching which direction I was block I would occasionally (though more than I would like) roll the inputs to much, try to jab my opponent and get command grab instead. I am currently playing on a Hitbox.

There are also at least two notable Mika players who use pad in Nando and Luffy (who runs a PS1 controller through two daisy-chained converters which is IMO kind of nuts).

The first few weeks of SFV, I was playing on a regular PS4 controller. Was still hunting down a TE2 at the time. Playing Mika on a controller was a lot better than I thought it’d be… but I still prefer the fightstick.

Its more consistent for me if i do the first qcb of the CA before the HP. So it would be mp > qcb > hp > qcb > mp. But that may just be me.

Aight, you don’t need to do dat combo. I’ve done it maybe once or twice in an actual match. It’s not important. You can just combo from MP and it does 30-40 less damage. But there’s not a lot of situations where you’ll get to do dat with Goddess Mika. Da Goddess’ MP has TONS of hitstun so it’s incredibly easy to combo into super from MP.

If you stun them and want to end them with super, it’s actually better to do V-Skill, HP, then Super. It does 10 more damage then doing the jump in Heavy, Mp, HP, Super and it’s easier.

When they get stunned, I usually go for j.HP>HP>Critical Art. Should I go for V-Skill>HP>CA instead?

I’ve been having a very frustrating problem with my pad lately: I can’t punish overheads with Mika’s CA. Well not consistently anyway. Even when I did, it wasn’t a reversal.

Can you go into training mode and do this: block Nash’s then punish with Mika’s CA (record the dummy to jump since Mika’s CA is a throw). Then tell me how consistent you can do this and what pad you’re using. Pls don’t think I’m a noob, this is much harder to do than you think.

The reason is I’m using the new Hori Fighting Commander and almost every time I try to do this, I’m either too late or the “back input” misses. It’s a billion times easier to do it on a keyboard or stick. Also on an unrelated note, does anyone think a hitbox/keyboard is the best controller to play SFV? Every motions except 360/720 is so easy to pull off.


Depends on how many hits you got in before the stun. After a single hit stun, j.HP opener does the most damage. After two hits or more, use V-skill instead.

instead of doing mp > hp > CA, try mp > stomp chop > CA. it’s a longer combo and allows you time to hit confirm and input the CA motion.

I am usually doing the stomp + atemi chain combo into CA. I just miss all the time if I try to do the HP chain combo. X2 into CA is possible however it requires a tight execution.

From my experience, just doing v-skill + CA is better because of the huge scaling after landing a stun. Usually you are at your 5 or 6 hit and doing an additional hit is just going to lower the damage of the CA to the point of no actual additional damage. Not only that, but you can also miss which will not happen with v-skill CA.