Is Arcade in A Box out of business?

Are they done forever? I’d really like to get one of their sticks, but searching across the internet comes up with nothing. :frowning:

What to do, what to do?

If they are gone, what do you guys recommend for a stick? Should I just stick with a Mad Catz TE2 coming at the end of this month? Anything superior to that out there?

the ps3/ps4 VLX, if you can swing it. you can probably transition into a hrap body stick just as fine also, those sell for cheaper used

Short answer: Yes.
Longer answer: To the best of my knowledge ‘Yes’ and they have been for quit a while (several years).

I’ve seen people re-selling their stuff occasionally on eBay but I have, on behalf of the #MAS_Preservation_Society, made inquiries with a builder who isn’t on SRK but who makes seemingly similar products. I have yet to hear back from them and if they don’t respond to my e-mail soon I may contact them via the dreaded telephone to see if they can swing the sort of products that SRK is looking for.

Please keep me in the loop on what goes on with that.

can I ask what makes it better than the Mad Catz TE2? It’s $100 more, but I’m not seeing the differences to make the price point valid? I know some people like the Hayabusa sticks more than the Sanwa’s - but what else is there?

Size, weight, build quality, most of it is made out of steel, just about everything is much better on the VLX, it’s the closest thing you’ll have for a real Japanese arcade cabinet experience next to owning a arcade cabinet.
Only downside is if you travel with it a lot, it’s big.

The only thing that was ever better is the now long since discontinued Sega HSS-0130, its a near replica of a Sega Astro City cab control panel

Yeah I know the Arcade never had 8 buttons, but…

The thing does accept actual Astro City/Blast City/Net City panels

Thanks for the suggestions guys, I went with a Mad Catz TE2 for two reasons:

  1. Layout is more my preference than the VLX.
  2. It’s lighter. I’m disabled, and carrying around a heavy stick isn’t an option.

If you wanted a light weight stick, I wouldn’t go with ARCADE IN A BOX. Wooden sticks tend to have some weight to them.

Hummm, light weight sticks?
Off the top of my head, Mad Catz SE/TvC/Brawl if you can find it, The PDP Injustice stick, maybe the Hori Fightstick VX and V3 (they are more difficult to mod).
You still need a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) swap or dual mod if you want Xbox One or PS4 compatibility.

Yes, they have been out of business for a long time.

AIAB is my favorite stick, I have two of them. Would like to get another someday but they’re hard to find & not cheap. Best sticks ever IMO. RIP AIAB.

Anyone else doing those Arcade in a Box / DreamArcade style sticks still? I’d love to order a few, but haven’t been able to find anything (other than X-Arcade, but didn’t like their stuff).

I am taking orders for custom arcade sticks. Send me a PM with the details of your custom request for a price quote :slight_smile:

If anyone out there is makin these bigger body arcade sticks, please message me.

We have an Arcade In A Box Xbox 360 controller that my husband wants to sell. I’ll post it over in the for sale section for anyone that’s interested.

Make sure you read the rules first. There are requirements you have to make before selling anything in the Trading Outlet

AIAB was the best!!! That’s where I got my first stick, a Happ. Still works flawlessly to this day, 8 years later