Is areal EX tats concidered a juggle?

I’ve been messing around with his EX tats, seeing if I can srk then kara-srk afterwards, but it seems hopeless. I was trying to think of a reason why I couldn’t do it and other than the fact that I simply can’t do it my self, I was thinking that I might be exceeding the juggle limit. Any insights on this?

1 or 2 hits ex air tatsu: 2 srk’s possible

more hits than 2: mp srk or a reset in whatever way

you can get a double srk if they jump and you hit them with an air ex tatsu or if you do cross over air ex tatsu, you can get a fierece srk, hadoken or in. The opp has to fly funny from the ex tatsu to get a double srk out of the corner but its automatically 2 srks if you catch them in the corner with an air ex tatsu while they’re jumping. Its kinda hard to describe it but if you do it long enough, youll see what I mean.

I think i remember hearing someone say that you can get a double srk from the ex tatsu crossover if you dash at them and then srk them. I never really tried it but it sounds like bs.

that’s a legit combo. From what I know there’s a juggle limit of 6 hits, 2 if its launching moves.

ex. necro can do db+fp 6 times but can only do back+fp 2 times.

Yeah because I realised, there’s so many different ways you can catch them with an EX, some pretty crazy stuff must be possible. I think the most damage I got of an EX was 56, it was funny, but I’m sure it was. It was around 5 or 6 hits. It got me thinking, the damage on his kara srks is stupid, if you could get 2 off an EX tats it would be silly damage. But if his EX tats counts as a juggle, then it’ll not be possible. Still, it’ll be some interesting stuff to mess around with.

i know about the juggle numbers its just thats there so little time to dash then srk. it seems impossible to do it. Ill try it and see if i cant get it

You’ll probably have to kara too.

greensyo: its possible, hit them at the latest moment with a crossover ex tatsu, dashin srk, karasrk… Its just really strict timing with the dashes and all

hmm nice to know

its nice to know, but you can’t see if the ex tatsumaki hits or not… which mean if you would dash in while he blocked, he can throw you for free because you land next to him, and then dash in his face

just do or whatever if you hit them…

nah crossover ex tatsu is my specialty i can see the hit from a mile away.

What DooM said.

EX air Tatsu, Dash, LP shoryuken, Kara LP Shoryuken should work.