Is Balrog the best Black fighting game character?

Maybe Sean was for a little bit but he can’t match Rog’s longevity. While were at it are there any black fighting game characters that don’t come from other sports or dance?

This thread will end horribly. If you are non-white you should know better than to make any sort of that about race on the internet(see racial hate thread for examples).

Sean is terrible. He’s the Dan of 3rd Strike. Elena is terrible an also blue eyed and white haired. Dudley I think would maybe be the 2nd or 3rd best after Balrog.

Balrog is good in ST and SF4. Afrolegends plays probably the best Dee Jay in the world but he still plays Balrog against shotos and the like.

Is this the worst thread of the fighting game genre?

I guess this thread is asking for this pic.

OHs I’m sorry I’s forget we can’t let dem white folk hear us!

If your worried about discussing black fictional characters on a pretty well modded board I guess the racist are doing their job.

I bring this up because there is a good amount of black players in top level play, and its surprising that no one has broken through to the development side or at least become well known enough to get asked for some input.

One day there will be at least one person trying to explain to Japanese devs that we do more than box, play basketball, and dance.

It could be worse I guess (T.Hawk, El Fuerte).

I’d have to say dhalsim is up for best black guy too

Oh wow, this is pretty bad.

I also love how all of you have neg rep, cant imagine why…

Are we talking about skin color or actual race? If just race then we could thrw Urien in there. He’s from egypt which makes him from africa. If its just skin color then Dhalsim can go up there too. My vote goes to Eddy Gordo. Kick’n ass in rythm

shaqhille oneal is the best black fighting game character.

i mean i know balrog has his fight money and all, but shaq has a few championship rings and probably a lot more money than balrog has in his fight money.

oh and shaq was also a deputy … can’t forget about that!


Isn’t Sean Brazilian, not black? And Eddy Gordo, too? And isn’t Dudley Indian? And I don’t know if you’re joking or not, Madden, but Dhalsim’s Indian too o_o.

Anyway, best in terms of what? Character development? Gameplay wise? I’m biased because I just like Balrog. He’d be cooler if he weren’t such a selfish prick though. He doesn’t really seem like a racial caricature, but he was created out of the image of Mike Tyson, so…

Hey, Sheva isn’t a sports/dancer character, and she’s black. But she’s lightskinned.

Sheva isn’t black, she is a mulatto.

Spawn is IMO. Spawn In The Demon’s Hand was an awesome game which was for the dreamcast I believe. The cowboy Spawn with two machine guns!


Spawn is pretty cool. I don’t even like comic book characters, but Spawn’s pretty cool.

And Keno, if you read this, hopefully I’ll be at West Coast Warzone. And I will challenge you at RPS there, because you’re a Balrog player, and I’m a Balrog player, and Balrog vs Balrog is one big rock paper scissors match. [media=youtube]5Gs3B182WXQ"]Or something.[/U[/media]

Spawn IMO.

Jax from Mortal Kombat is the greatest black fighting game character

Komoda Blanka best black fighting game character IMO.

Niicee RPS is the best! I will be at WCW and im sure we will get some games in. EVERYONE Go to West Coast Warzone!!! Its in Irvine Labor Day Weekend.

Dude, im black and you’re a retard for making this thread.
What does it matter what colour he is ?

It makes me sick, like in the music world, black people have their own music awards. What so its not good enough to stand with other music ? Or is it seen as more special or what ?
I just promotes conflict and difference… difference in a bad way.

And guys, try not to be so ignorant. Dudley isn’t black, he’s Indian.

And if you must know, No, Balrog isnt the best black fighting game character. TJ Combo from Killer Instinct would rip him in half.

Keno, I’m looking forward to this :D.

If you can make it out to West Coast Warzone, guys, go to it. $1000 bonus to pot, so first place will get $700 guaranteed.