Is Bison's Scissor Kicks Punishable?



I have been fighting a really good Bison, and after I block a scissor kick, I’m not sure if I can punish it. Is there any specific distancing with the scissor kick that’s unpunishable? When do I know when to punish? Which version is safer?


Block it, then throw him really fast. You might be able to sneak in a feq quick jabs or shorts too.


Ohhh…I use Yun. Do you think that I can punish Bison with a quick jabX3 cancelled into jab lunge punch?


I’m not sure…Try it. If it doesn’t work just throw.


forward and RH scissors are always punishable IIRC…

short scissors is easily punishable with almost any decently quick normal if both hits are blocked, if only the last hit is blocked then it’s unpunishable AFAIK.

to put it in perspective, the standard d.jab x2, d.forward XX short scissors string is punishable after blocking it, most d.forwards should be able to connect.



All three versions of the Scissor Kicks give up frame advantage when blocked.
However, if the opponent blocks only the last hit, it is virtually unpunishable, barring supers like Sonic Hurricane, Gigaton Blow, Mega Psycho Crusher.

Otherwise, if you block a Scissor Kick, try responding with a quick normal/special that has decent range. Most characters can punish with c.MK (which can possibly be cancelled into something painful)