Is BlazBlue Accessible via Pad?

Hi, for now I’m a pad user due to not having enough money for a stick :confused: I’m really interested in egtting into BlazBlue, but I want to know if its accessible for a mediocre player such as myself to play with a pad. Oh, and I plan on using Hazama if that helps.

I brought the game about 5 days ago, i use a pad. (d-pad)
I’ll just give my honest experience and you can make a judgement.

There are certain things i have trouble with, jumping and quickly air dashing and some QCF x2 moves;
I CAN do them but consistency is about 25%./ 70% respectively.

Everything else is the same.

PS: Some things to note, In SF i’m excellent at QCF’s x2 (Ultra’s / Super’s) (100%).
It’s more difficult than other fighting games i’ve played (SF, MK) because of the fast pace of the game and emphasis on offensive playstyles.
And since i did only buy it 5 days ago there may be things i’m not used too.
So take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Personally i think you SHOULD buy it, it’s cheap now (Got mine for £17) and you seem to really want to play it and have a character in mind.
If your on the PSN, you could Add me, i’d like someone new to discuss the game with.

Alright cool, thanks for the feedback man. And I’ll add you when I get the game for sure, but that probably won’t be for another week or so.

Oh, and who do you play, btw?

Arakune ^-^

My main nemesis’ are Hazama and A-11

Hamaza’s got a massively long range projective that pulls him and he continues to combo, i just cant seem to move with him flying all over the screen zipping about.
I’ll practice against you :stuck_out_tongue:

i wouldnt worry about execution.
you can really play every char on d-pad(actually i can o that to a mediocre level with most characters).
even i managed to get everything about arakune down on my psp’s d-pad. so its really anything but hard.
okay maybe ud have to map your buttons a little different if you want to play a effective carl, but i know a lot of decent carl players with pads.

maybe, in case of hazama, youd want to make sure you can do the 632146-motion consistently for one of his DDs. youd be fine with 236236 B(jayoku hotenjin) in general, but with the other one you can tag on some sweet damage in certain situations.
BB is a different deal from SF though. so you might want to get aqquainted with the machanics themselves first before trying to take people down with a rather complicated char like hazama(not in terms of inputs, but strategy)

Cool, he (it?) seems like a pretty cool character. But then again I have no idea what the story behind this game is. All I know is that it looks pretty lol.

The game is very playable on pad, I used to play on pad, and many of the top american players use pad.

Also, if you looking for info on BlazBlue, you should check out Dustloop.

Been playing BB on pad for almost 2 years now. No worries. Hell I play anything on pad.

Yeah, I heard Hazama is really based around unusual zoning and crazy mixups, which appeals to my style. I’ll probably learn the game from someone at my community’s weekly sessions using Ragna or a more straightforward character and then make the switch to Hazama, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I played pad for most of this gen and BlazBlue is very accessible to pad players. Aside from Carl and controlling the doll, you can do every challenge and combo from dustloop and so on on a pad and with little difficulty (well, ps3 pad, not sure about 360 since i hate their dpad for fighting games). And even with Carl, you can remap some buttons to make doll control easier/free up your thumb for other button inputs.

However, I will say that when I switched to a te, a lot of the more diffiuclt combos became so much easier for me. Your mileage may vary, but I found it quite easy to play on pad with BB during the year or so it took for me to break down and buy a TE.

Once again, thanks everyone for the feedback and encouragement, you’re actually posting faster than I can reply lol.

lol it looks pretty indeed, and if you’ve always been a pad player you should have no trouble enjoying Blazblue.
I actually started playing it on a pad, and about half a year ago moved over to playing stick. I still find my stick execution lacking compared to what I could do with a pad. Stick feels less natural to me now, probably because I started playing it on pad. So my advice would be that if you plan on going stick, you might as well start playing with one when you pick up the game.

One more question, can someone please explain the notation for this game to me? It makes absolutely no sense to me. I understand the letters for the attacks, but what the hell are the numbers for?

It’s perfectly playable on pad. I’ve never tried, but the execution in the game is very lenient.

However, I’m a firm believer in not using shortcut buttons, so if you are the same, then rapid cancels and bursts might be a bit difficult to perform. Other than that, pad is fine.

I’ve never used shortcuts lol.

The numbers are for directions. Look at your keyboard’s numpad and you’ll get it.

Ok, I get it now. But that’s gonna take some getting used to. Especially since now I have to remember SF notation, Tekken notation, and now this lol.

using the pad for many hours hurts my hands you guys do not have the same problem? I converted to a stick 10 months ago and execution has improved.

Lol, my left thumb has a callus from doing so many Soul Sparks.


Those are the directions you can move with a stick/pad. 5 is neutral (not direciton pushed). 6 would be forward (left or right depending on which way you face, but it always means forward direction). So a fireball motion/qcf would be 236. An SRK would be 623. Hurricane kick/qcb is 214.

So if I tell you to do a Rachel combo of 5B, 5CD, 3C, 632146C, that is basically telling to push a neutral B (Y on a 360 pad by default), a neutral C and D at the same time (B and A on a 360 pad), then do a down-forward motion + C (or B on the 360 pad, basically a sweep the leg type move with Rachel where she spins). That is then followed by her distortion/special/ultra Baden Baden Lily (the half circle backwards, then forward motion + C).

It just makes it easier than writing out a full paragraph explaining directions. j.B is notation for either pushing jump and pressing B or assumes you are already in theair and you simply push B. dj is double jump usually. sj is super jump (down, then up in a quick motion makes you jump higher and faster and some combos require it, some are easier if you do the super jump and some let you do a few extra hits if you super jump and some cancel and let you jump from super jump). They are pretty easy to understand once you get in the habit of seeing/reading the numbers as moves. I cant stand Street Fighter notation anymore after playing GG/BB/other number notation using games. The whole QCF and notation they use just feels so cumbersome when and I end up converting them to the number notation whenever I go back to those games now.