Is BlazBlue Accessible via Pad?

Ok, thanks Kirby.

This is off topic everyone, but does it bother anyone else that the Astral Finishes in this game are all absolutely incredible looking…except for Hazama’s PlayStation One looking giant Ouroborous? I know it doesn’t make a difference, but come on ArcSys.

I strongly recommend not doing this. The Characters in BB are so different from one and other they could almost be from different games. It would really be best to just stick with a character. It’s not like Marvel or SF where alot of things transfer.

Alright, thanks for the advice.

Arakune’s Astral Heat is just a big ball that seemingly can’t be controlled. Dissapointing, a character like Arakune had so much potential.

Yeah, you’re right, that kinda blows too.

Not shortcuts necessarily, but buttons that input a+ b+c (etc.) instead of manually pressing them yourself.

But astral hearts all look pretty lame to me with the exception of Hakumen’s. I love anime and all, but those are just too “anime” for me.

And Tao and Carl’s Astrals takes the cake for the dumbest looking moves in the game imo. I don’t even know what mu’s, makoto’s, platinum’s, or valk’s looks like.

It doesn’t matter.

You stole my avatar.

Its ok, I suck at Marvel, so it’ll probably be changing soon anyway.

I find this kinda inexplicable, since I think Hakumen’s is one of the most anime-styled ones in the game. o.o

Overall, my feeling is that the newer the character is, the better their Astral Heat is likely to look. The original CT characters have a lot of relatively boring ones (Jin, Carl, Litchi,Arakune), whereas Tsubaki’s is awesome, Hazama’s…would be cool if the CGI were better. x.x Mu’s is pretty good. Makoto’s is hilarious and awesome, Valkenhayn’s is totally cool and Platinum’s is a pretty amusing shout out to Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, which is, at least, in keeping with her ridiculous theme.

Hazama is great with a pad, The No.1 USA Hazama (Zidane) uses a pad.

And when I played Hazama on pad, I found him easier on that than a stick.

I’d recommend configuring your buttons to fit Hazama, Though. Map grab with a single button ect.

Ok, thanks. Any suggestions on how to map my controller? Because my fingers are kinda bony, and so pressing more than two buttons at a time is usually a problem sigh

Well, I ran this for all the time I had a Pad and Hazama was gdlk. (I’m on Xbox, but if you look at a 360 pad, It’s pretty much the same layout as a PS3 pad, Copy if you like.)

X = A
Y = B
B = C
A = D

Burst = Right Thumbstick
Rapid Cancel = Right Bumper
Grab = Y+B

It is really interesting that everyone says it can be done on pad. When I played the first installment, I simply just couldn’t cut it on pad. I have been playing pad since forever until I really got into Blazblue. That being said I think everyone is do-able except Carl, but I think the game was meant for stick but that’s just me.

Arakune, Carl, Rachel, Platinum, Hakumen, Litchi.

They all come to mind as characters that would be incredibly hard to Max on a pad, You have Arakunes Loops and Bug control, Carl’s Setups and resets, Rachels everything, Platinums TK Swallow Moons and Dashes, Hakumens “623AA > SJ > j.2C > 2C > SJ > j.2A > IAD > j.2A > j.C” Combo, which is nails on a pad. And litchi is just Litchi.

(I wasn’t actually pissed, I just noticed it on recently active threads and thought I would post)

I play Arakune with a Ps3 pad.

I started with Square = A, Triangle = B, Circle = C, Cross = D

But as i got more into doing Arakune’s bug loops i decided i’d switch D to the R1 button.
That helps alot for me allowing me to hold it down easier.
Someone has considered putting C to the L1 side but that’ll seem really strange to me in normal combo’s so i havent…

So if i curse you in the corner now, Night Night :nunchuck:

Well, good news. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be getting my copy of BlazBlue tomorrow, but don’t expect me to be online until Sunday, I gotta know what I’m doing lol. Does it have decent netcode?

As good as any and better than most.

I think this games very strange online, unlike anything i’ve played before.

My games always start with incredibly low frame rate, like 5fps, then while it’s panning around the enviroment and then character animation then “The wheel of fate is turning” “rebel 1” the games sped up to normal.

So online has a weird way to sync the players but it works, plays very well. ^-^

The connect quality meter is 0 to 4 when i go to match making or to a room i only play 3 or 4. two is playable with but can get annoying. 1 or 0 makes me want to rage quit.