Is blazblue worth buying

what is it like guilty gear? do alot of people play it online ? do it have trophies?

For having registered on 2009, I’ll be forever lumped together with posters such as you. That disturbs me deeply.

no, its nothing like guilty gear and there are no trophies for it. and its not an online game.

I dont think anyone should help you untill… nah its just easier to call you stupid.

No. They don’t want your money.

its a lot like primal rage but with the combos of killer instinct.

I for one am getting sick of all these blazeblue threads popping up for NOT!

Are people finding it that hard to even browse the main forum page before posting? =/

  1. There’s a BB forum. Right here:
  2. There’s a newbies FAQ thread which helps your every query. Plus a few more threads at the top of the forum.

Look guy, and the rest of you people posting threads like these - read more, post topics less. It’ll save you the embarrassment.

S’more like it.

It plays kinda like Sim City, but with bitchin’ combos.

I was going to say no, but you may like it. Since you created a shiny new thread. Here of all places.

That’s the type of people/players a game like BB needs.

Trade in SF4 for it. You’d be doing yourself a huge favor by playing a good fighting game.


Crap -> Crap.

ah shit I know right?

I hate how V-13 can just mash Residential zones into Industrial all day

i suppose its like guilty gear
tons play it online but i wouldn’t advise doing so if you don’t wanna rage
it do has trophies

How do fireball? :wink:

I recommend Super Smash Bros. I hear it’s more technical than anything in the Street Fighter series.


Just play the game and make your own judgement.

Blazblue Schmasblue.

Do yourself a favour and buy Million Knights Vermillion. It’s 'sparrier.

You’ll love it, I swear. :wink: