Is bulldogging a good tatic


was watching this tuotrial

and thought this was interesting.


It’s something that every character trying to get in will have to do sometimes. But its effectiveness differs from game to game and matchup to matchup.

I personally find it very effective on a game like ST with its short stages.

But in newschool the stages are huge so it seems much less effective to try and bulldog your opponent into the corner. For me it’s more about convincing my opponent to come towards me with my own zoning and then switch up to offense right when they start to come in… Thereby using there movement to my advantage.

This of course is matchup dependent. Gief as an example can’t really do this. UNLESS he has a life lead and time is winding down. At which point it’s pretty smart to just back off and make them come to you or trick them into thinking that’s what you will do.

Bulldogging is something that is just very hard to win with in newschool because of the hugeness of stages plus many zoners being able to get out of the corner easily, unlike in ST.


what if u start out the gate walking towards your opponent.


Try it and find out.

I already answered that question in my first post. It’s matchup and game specific.


Bulldogging is still viable in sf5, it’s just not as effective. As much as I hate to default to this excuse, burst movement is really hard to deal with. If you’re walk/blocking a ryu or a nash into the corner, you always have to worry about the possibility of a forward dash. Dashing has increased in speed since sf4 and there is extra input lag, so reacting to this type of burst movement is basically impossible without pre-emptively sticking out a button.

Don’t get me wrong, you basically have to know how to bulldog in certain matchups because the corner is still at least somewhat significant in this game. The main challenge comes from the substantially small reaction window you have to punish people from trying to escape the corner/the threat of being walked into the corner.

TL:DR Input lag is bullshit.

Edit: The threat of a Crush counter also helps bulldogging in sfv too. So maybe I should take back what I said about it not being as effective.


If it was me, you’d either eat a combo or get hit with a dash throw. Then again, I play Bison, my entire strategy is based around unrelenting pressure and praying to god my opponent doesn’t realize he can just jab out of most of it. If you’re up against a more cautious opponent who prefers neutral jumping or something, it could work. Characters like Mika are really good at just brute forcing you into the corner and fucking you seven ways 'til Sunday.


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