Is buying an xbox 360 Arcade a waste of money?

I’m debating between an arcade and an elite. The arcade is $149 NOT TAX right now. The Elite is $249 no tax.

So basically I’m not sure if I want to pony up the extra $100 for the elite.

I really just want to play ssf4. I already have two ps3 (1 with a broken bluray drive) and a wii. So it’s not like I’m hurting for games to play, but I do want an xbox now that they’re on clearance.

I was also thinking maybe just picking up a 20gb HDD off craigs list for $30. Can those get banned? I also know you can buy a HDD case off ebay and build your own HDD with a specific 2.5" drive. Has anyone ever done that here?

I will say the elite has all the features that make the extra $100 worth it, but if you’re not serious about playing on it then there’s nothing wrong with an arcade version, unless it red rings. If you wanna save the cash and don’t play too many 360 games then get the arcade.

Hmm if you really just want to Play ssf4 an Arcade is the Way to go. I don’t Even have an hdd ob my Xbox…costume Packs and Updates fit on the internal Memory Card that is Build in all 360 Arcade consoles…

Buddy if u want Xbox 360 Arcade Console, i got one for sale. Got last year and rarely used it. It almost brand new with all the parts included and has 256 build in and also Jasper too and it has warranty for RRROD and i never register the console too.

Im letting go for 100 dollars and im w/i toronto too. Let me know.


I have a friend with an Arcade. Mine is an Elite. We got them at similar times, and play a similar amount. His has been sent off four times for red ringing, mine has been problem-free.
End of argument, if you ask me.

I would dish out the extra 100 for the elite. arcade is not a waste of money but if you can come up with the 250, it’ll be money well spent

It’s the same hardware in both. And actually, at one point (I think when the jaspers first released) the arcades got the newer revision before the elites did.

I would save the $100 and go with the arcade unless you plan on installing a bunch of games. You can use a usb thumb drive as a memory card if you want to take your gamertag with you or if you’ve got a large enough thumb drive or a usb hdd you can install a couple games to those. Just keep in mind that with using USB storage on the 360, MS limits it to 2 devices at once and a max of 16GB per device.

So I can use two 16gb USB thumbdrives and put demo games on it?

Can you install full games onto those USB drives and run off those, while having the disc in the drive, or is that just allowed on the hdd?

Yeah, you can install games to USB drives. A friend of mine uses an 8GB flash drive just for SSFIV.

I bought an 360 arcade 5 months ago, i haven’t opened it yet…

I think I’m going with an arcade. Unless they have an elite with Forza 3 and Halo 3: ODST, then I’ll get that. Then trade those 2 games in and get super. Works out as a better deal.

Make sure you buy it new so it has a warranty, because it’s pretty common for it to get the 3lod

just a tip. if you but online such as amazon its free shipping and no tax ( unless you live in california I guess)

The Target by me had them on sale for 130$ plus tax and a free 50$ target gift card w/ purchase. Great buy.